10+ Fun Indoor Activities with a Bag of Popsicle Sticks

These simple and fun kids activities use just a handful of popsicle sticks, ice cream sticks or craft sticks. If you are looking for easy and entertaining indoor activities for kids, you are in the right place. These activities and games with popsicle sticks are the perfect winter boredom buster or rainy day activity. Use these popsicle stick activities at home or in the classroom.

Boredom Buster: 10 Fun Indoor Activities with Nothing But A Bag of Craft Sticks - collage of images showing different popsicle stick games and ice cream stick activities for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Oh so many fun activities with ice cream sticks!

Best Indoor Activities with Popsicle Sticks for Kids

With two small children I’ve got to come up with things to fill in the gaps when I don’t have other fun things planned or we are stuck inside due to weather.  

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One reliable way to keep kids busy, running around and engaged is to pull out a bag of craft sticks, popsicle sticks or ice cream sticks.  Popsicle stick activities are the perfect boredom buster! Every single one of these fun things ONLY require craft sticks and nothing else…

Popsicle STick Games & Activities

  1. Build a race track for your toy cars.
  2. Practice creating and identifying shapes using just popsicle sticks.
  3. Spell your name in ice cream sticks!
  4. Play hopscotch.  Wonderful way to get out all that extra energy!
  5. Play swords.  With a little boy, everything turns into a sword fight!
  6. See how many popsicle sticks you can stack without tipping them over.  This popsicle stick game is great for practicing concentration and patience.
  7. Play tic-tac-toe.  Make a grid with sticks and grab two small toys for the “X” and “O”.
  8. Bend ice cream sticks!  If you submerge craft sticks in water over night, you can bend them into shapes. Check out how to bend popsicle sticks without breaking them.
  9. Make a pretend tight rope and walk across without “falling” off.
  10. Count how many craft sticks long items in the house are.

Make Something with Popsicle Sticks

  1. Craft stick flag
  2. Make something with popsicle sticks
  3. Craft popsicle stick ornaments
  4. Make kid art puppets
  5. Make a catapult
  6. Make popsicles with a surprise
  7. Craft stick puzzle
  8. “Plant” a number garden
  9. DIY toy log cabin
  10. Make popsicle stick snowflakes

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Popsicle Stick Resources

popsicle stick house kit from Amazon
Oh so many things you can build with craft sticks!

Popsicle Stick Craft Kits for Kids


What are you going to do with a bag of popsicle sticks today? Tell us in the comments!

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