12 Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

These fun games to play at home are the ultimate boredom busters for kids! Making DIY games starts with a craft and ends up with fun at home for hours! At home games lead to quality time, structured downtime and making memories. While these homemade games were chosen to play at home, many work well in the classroom as well. Let’s play a game!

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DIY games to play at home!

DIY Games To Make

Games don’t have to be expensive or hard to make. These fun simple DIY games will bring hours of fun! Making games at home can save money and help bring the family together. 

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Many of these homemade games also promote learning in a fun way. Play through games can help kids practice fine motor skills, math, learn life skills and more!

Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

1. Barrel Of Monkeys

barrel of monkey counting game

Turn a simple barrel of monkeys into learning fun.  Here are a few great games to play with them. Move over board game, barrel of monkeys is still a great game.

2. Bean Bag Toss

A simple dish towel and a small bean bag can become a fun game to work on gross motor skills. Doesn’t matter if you’re the first player or next player, this game is fun and requires good hand eye coordination.

3. Free Printable Hexi Cards

Use hexi cards for a fun color a math matching game. Who will get the most matches? The first person or last person? Make it hard and add a time limit.

4. DIY Compass Rose With Printable Map

Try this DIY compass rose and compass rose template with a printable map. Great for the older ones! This is definitely not a rainy day game, but a great time when it’s nice outside.

5. Word Game Race

Download and print one of our word worksheets and have a race against each other – if kids are the same level, then you can print off two of the same pages. If kids are different levels, consider downloading different worksheets that might take the same amount of time. Here are some free printable word worksheets from Kids Activities Blog:

6. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Follow the feet and read the messages on the way for a fun indoor treasure hunt!

7. Telephone Game

Make your own telephone game to practice your listening skills.  This classic game is always a hit. Plus it is a fun and easy game to play at home. It doesn’t require any items!

8. Word Games

Working on vocabulary? These 10 word games are perfect for teaching your child new words and reinforcing old ones they have learned.

9. Follow The Clues

Read and follow the clues to find the Christmas treasure!  This can be changed for any occasion or a birthday party.

10. Matching Game

For the toddlers, play this fun matching game with their figurine toys and playdough. You can color different things on slips of paper to make your own cards.

11. Learn About The Food Pyramid

Here’s a fun way to teach the kids the foods they should be eating in a fun way with the food pyramid. 

12. Hibernation Activities

This game is a fun way to learn about animals that hibernate and where they sleep! This is one of my favorite simple family games, but also educational. 

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What is your favorite game to play with your family? Tell us in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!

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