16 Cool Galaxy Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Galaxy crafts are so much fun! Check out all the fun and choose a galaxy craft to make today. These kids galaxy ideas are cool DIY galaxy projects and craft ideas that are beautifully galaxy stuff – deep blues, purples and a lot of starry glitter! Galaxy crafts are great for kids of all ages at home or in the classroom.

16 Cool Galaxy Crafts for kids of all ages - 6 galaxy crafts shown in a collage
Let’s make a galaxy craft today!

Kids Galaxy Crafts & DiY Projects that Sparkle

It’s no wonder everyone is loving all things galaxy – it is gorgeous! The colors are so pretty they are almost mesmerizing.

Turns out the Milky Way is aptly named, with the overall color of our galaxy resembling the shade of fine-grained spring snow in early morning light.

–NBC News

If you’ve been bit by the galaxy bug and are looking for more fun things to do and make – we’ve got a big list of galaxy things you can make today.

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Fun Galaxy Crafts for Kids

1. Make a Galaxy Bottle

Galaxy craft - the Galaxy in a bottle craft for kids - child holding a bottle with sparkly colors of the galaxy from purple to light green with silver confetti - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a galaxy bottle!
  • Galaxy In A Bottle – Let your kids put the whole galaxy inside a bottle! With this galaxy in a jar sensory bottles DIY project.
  • Galaxy Bottle – Here is another great version of the galaxy bottle. Kids are mesmerized by this! via Lemon Lime Adventures
  • Galaxy Jar – This jar of glitter reminds me of the galaxy on a bright night.
  • Glowing Stars Jar – This easy DIY sensory bottle craft is one of our very favorite projects here at Kids Activities Blog.

2. Our Favorite Galaxy Thing to Make…Slime!

galaxy craft - galaxy slime recipe - stretched out slime shown with pink, purple and blue colors with silver stars and sparkles - Kids Activities Blog

Galaxy Confetti Slime – Add sparkling confetti stars to galaxy slime for even more fun tactile play.

3. DIY Rocks that are Out of this World

Galaxy craft - galaxy rocks - rocks shown painted dark colors with hues of purple and blue covered in silver sparkles
Galaxy rocks are better than pet rocks!
  • Galaxy Rocks – The kids can paint a galaxy rock to keep in their pocket! via Love and Marriage Blog 
  • Moon Rocks – These DIY moon rocks are really fun and can be created with black and gold or in the galaxy colors with glitter.

4. Galaxy Egg Craft

Galaxy craft - colorful finished galaxy eggs colored with dark black and purples, pinks blues and golds covered with silver sparkles
These galaxy eggs are sooooo awesome.

Easter Eggs – These aren’t just for Easter, these galaxy eggs are so cool I would make them all year round. via Dream A Little Bigger

5. DIY Galaxy Oobleck

Galaxy craft - galaxy oobleck recipe with child's hand touching the bright colored oobleck in purple and blues on a baking pan
Oobleck is out of this world!

Oobleck – My kids love playing with oobleck, and when it looks like the galaxy, it’s even cooler! via Natural Beach Living

15 Cool Galaxy Crafts

6. Make a Galaxy to Hang Around Your Neck

Galaxy craft - galaxy bottle necklace - 5 galaxy necklaces in little bottles on a white background
Let’s make a galaxy necklace!

Galaxy Necklace – You could take the galaxy with you everywhere you go if you put it in a necklace! It is absolutely our favorite of all tween crafts!

7. Make Galaxy Playdough

Galaxy craft - galaxy playdough shown in a ball with bright blues, purples and pinks covered with silver stars and confetti on black background
Let’s make galaxy playdough!

Galaxy Ornaments – These ornaments are not just for Christmas, my kids would love to hang them in their rooms! via The Swell Designer

9. DIY Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy craft - make galaxy shoes - pair of keds shown with dark blue and light blue sky galaxy look with stars and confetti

Galaxy Shoes – Upcycle a pair of shoes to look like the galaxy. I would totally wear these. via DIY Projects for Teens

10. Yummy Galaxy Food Craft for Kids

Galaxy food craft - galaxy candy bark shown cut into pieces with colorful top of greens, purples and blues with candy stars
Let’s make galaxy bark!

Galaxy Bark – This chocolate bark really does look like the galaxy! This would be a fun treat to make with the kids. via Life With The Crust Off

11. Let’s Make Galaxy Soap

Soap – Why not even take a bath with the galaxy? This soap is really pretty. via Soap Queen


13. Galaxy Nails You Can Paint at Home

Nails – I can’t wait to try galaxy nails! These are so beautiful. via DIY Projects for Teens

14. Galaxy Night Light Craft

  • Night Light – This is a great project for the kids to help with. They can make their own galaxy night light! via Punk Projects
  • Night Light – This galaxy night light is easy to make and a lovely light for sleep.

15. Decorate with Galaxy Letters

Galaxy Letters – Or they could decorate their room with galaxy letters spelling their name! via Beauty Lab

16. Wear Your Galaxy!

Shorts – These shorts would be a lot of fun to make this summer. via OMG How

17. Bake Some Galaxy Cookies

Galaxy cookies recipe - cookie shown cooling on rack with bright colors of the galaxy and candy stars

These easy galaxy cookies can be made at home with packaged cookie dough if you are short on time.

18. Make Your Crayons Galaxy Art

These galaxy crayon art ideas can be transformed into galaxy valentines to hand out at school.

19. Print & Play a Galaxy Game for Kids

Download and print this free planets game for kids with a galaxy flair!

More Galaxy & Outer Space fun from Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite galaxy craft? What fun galaxy thing are you going to try first?

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