25 Super Easy and {Lovely} Homemade Valentines

This big list of homemade Valentines are amazing! Kids of all ages will love putting together these homemade Valentines for their classmates, siblings, and friends! They’re cute, easy to make, and festive! These homemade Valentines are perfect!

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Choose from these 25 festive and fun homemade Valentine cards!

Homemade Valentines

Homemade valentines are the best kind because they are made with love! These easy homemade valentines would be perfect for friends and family or to take to school.

Every kid loves getting fun valentines on Valentine’s Day so be sure to check out these 25 Homemade Valentines!

Lovely Homemade Valentines

Twinkie minion, extra bubble gum, car, bugs, water color, pencil, gold fish and googly eyes handmade valentines
There are so many cute homemade Valentines to choose from!

These lovely homemade Valentines are easy to make! Most of them are budget-friendly. You won’t need too many supplies to put them together, though some do require some trinkets, sweets, or snacks.

Don’t forget some things like ribbons, baggies, and cellophane as well!

Super Cute Homemade Valentines

Sock, playdough, googly eyes, bubble gum, and pencil homemade valentines
Candy isn’t the only thing to give on Valentines.

1. You’re A Hoot Homemade Valentines

You’re A Hoot!  – This cute owl valentine is easy for your kids to make themselves and can hold a pixie stick or a pencil! -via Kids Activities Blog

2. Colorful Watercolor Homemade Valentines

Get happy and tap into kids creativity with these colorful Watercolor Valentines. -via Smart Schoolhouse

3. Quilled Heart Balloon Homemade Valentine Cards

Up, up, and away with these Quilled Heart Balloon Cards for tweens. – via That Kids Craft Site

4. Playdough Homemade Valentine

Playdough Valentine – Make a batch of homemade playdough and wrap up a small sampling with a cookie cutter and the recipe.  -via Buggy and Buddy.

5. You Have The Write Stuff Homemade Valentine

Tell your valentine “You Have the Write Stuff” with this pencil valentine. Bonus: Comes with a FREE printable too! -via A Mom’s Take

6. Homemade Sock Valentine

Sock Valentine  – This valentine is cute and useful!  Give them a pair of cool socks with a note that “We’re Quite A Pair!”  -via Play Eat Grow.

7. I’ve Had My Eye On You Googly Eye Valentine

Kids will have so much fun making these silly “I’ve Had My Eye On You” homemade valentines with googly eyes. -via Rae Ann Kelly

8. Extra Awesome Homemade Valentines

We can’t get enough of these Extra Awesome Valentines! -via Crafting Chicks

9. Car Painted Valentine Cards

Car Painted Cards – Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons has a fun tutorial for all the car fans.

Make the Best Valentines for Kids

Goldish Valentine card, car valentine car, bug valentine car, m&m valentine cards, homemade valentines
From candy to crackers, bugs and cars, we’ve got a Valentine for everyone!

10. Peppermint Patty Valentine

Peppermint Patty Valentine – Donning the phrase “Be Cool” this yummy valentine from A Farm Girl Dabbles is easy for kids to make themselves.

11. Monster Push Pop Valentine

Monster Push Pops – These amazing monster valentine’s from Repeat Crafter Me come with a free printable and are the perfect non-mushy gift!

12. Free Printable Camping Valentines

Make Valentine’s Day an adventure with these free printable Camping Valentine’s! Just add the makings for a s’more! -via That Kids Craft Site

13. DIY Twinkie Minion Valentines

Let classmates know they’re special with these Minion Valentines. Now suddenly I want a twinkie. -via Crafty Morning

14. Easy To Make Squishy Heart Valentine

Squishy Heart Valentine – Kids will love this fun sensory valentine!  B-Inspired Mama shows us the secret ingredient to this squishy heart.

15. Cute Fishbowl Valentine

Here’s an easy homemade valentine for kids to make — Fishbowl Valentine — using goldfish crackers. -via The Gracious Wife

16. Awesome DIY Minecraft Valentine You Can Make

Minecraft Valentine  – For the Minecraft fans, Chica Circle has a free printable for you!  Just print and wrap it around a box of conversation hearts.

17. Homemade “You Make My Heart Pop” Valentine

This “You Make My Heart POP” homemade valentine doubles as a quick and easy after school snack that’s not candy on Valentine’s Day. -via A Day in Candiland

18. GoGo Squeeze Valentine

GoGo Squeez Valentine – The perfect yummy valentine for all toddlers from That’s What Che Said.

Fun Valentines Your Kid Can Make

4 easy to make homemade valentines- you make my heart pop, you blow up my heart with gum, tic tac toe valentine card, and be mine bee valentine
I love all of these fun Valentines! Play games, enjoy gum, they’re so cool!

19. DIY Goldfish Cracker Valentine

Goldfish Cracker Valentine – If you’re looking for a treat that doesn’t involve candy, About A Mom has an idea for you.

20. Homemade Bouncy Ball Valentine

Bouncy Ball – Tell your valentine they make your “heart bounce” with this free printable valentine tag from The Crafting Chicks.

21. You Make My Heart Glow Valentine

You Make My Heart Glow! – Give your valentine a glow stick this year and add this free printable from The Teacher Wife.

22. Free Printable Bumblebee Valentine

Bumblebee Printable  – Here is a free printable valentine your kids can make. -via Kids Activities Blog

23. Write For Me Printable Valentine

Have fun making this Valentine Pencil-holder – A free printable is included to make this adorable “write for me” note. -via Crystal and Company.

24. Cute Bubble Gum Printable Valentine

Kids will have fun making and handing out this super cute Bubble Gum Printable Valentine that you just have to see! -via Smart School House!

25. DIY I Love You Sign Language Valentine

Say “I love you” with these sign language Valentine’s cards! -via Kids Activities Blog

Don’t Forget These Free Printable Color Me Happy Valentines Day Cards

Don’t forget that we have free printable Valentine’s Day cards if you don’t have time for these adorable homemade cards!

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Make sure you also download our free Valentine coloring pages for lots of kid friendly coloring.

More DIY Valentines You Can Make From Kids Activities Blog

Which homemade Valentines will you be making this year?

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