30 Fun & Easy Pipe Cleaner Ornament Ideas To Make This Christmas

Pipe cleaner Christmas crafts are one of my very favorite easy holiday craft ideas for kids. Today we are making pipe cleaner ornaments for the Christmas tree which is really fun for kids of all ages, even the younger kids.

Pipe Cleaner Ornament Crafts for Kids - Kids Activities Blog feature
Let’s make Christmas crafts out of pipe cleaners…pipe cleaner ornaments!

Easy Pipe Cleaner Ornaments Kids Can Make

We make homemade Christmas tree ornaments every year and it is a great way to spend time together while decorating the tree at this time of year.

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Pipe cleaner ornaments are easy Christmas crafts that develop fine motor skills while not requiring a lot of crafting ability. I loved the fact that even my youngest, eighteen-month-old, could enjoy the crafting because making pipe cleaner ornaments is so easy.

pipe cleaner crafts for kids are perfect for Christmas ornaments  - kids can braid pipecleaners, twist them into a spiral and hang them as ornaments - Kids Activities Blog
Pipecleaner ornaments can be as simple or complex as you want them to be to hang on your Christmas tree…

Using pipe cleaners to create homemade Christmas ornaments is a great Christmas activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners and older kids too!

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Pipe Cleaner Ornament Craft Supplies

  • Pipe cleaners, chenille stems or fuzzy floral wire in different colors
  • Whatever you have on hand: beads, clear beads, wooden beads, star beads small pom poms, glitter glue, hot glue and glue gun, craft sticks or popsicle sticks, cinnamon sticks, small paper plates or whatever else!

Best Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornaments Crafts

These are easy Christmas ornaments we made. They’re shiny, twirly, and beautiful and simple to create!

pipe cleaner ornaments with wreaths, angels, trees, santa, candy canes, and geometric shapes.

1. Pipe Cleaner Wreath 

This pipe cleaner wreath ornament is perfect for the Christmas tree! All you need is a red pipe cleaner and a green one. Don’t forget the jingle bells!

2. Pipe Cleaner Angel

This Christmas angel is so easy to make! All you need is some shimmery pipe cleaners and ribbons. You may need to cut the pipe cleaners beforehand so it is safer and easier for little hands to create!

3. Santa Ornament

Make this super cute Santa ornament using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, buttons, and crafting sticks. They’re so cute and I love the big fluffy beard on each Santa.

4. Candy Cane Ornaments

Trying to avoid sugar? You can still decorate your Christmas tree with candy canes by making them with pipe cleaners and beads. Make them any colors you want, clear, or colorful. This is also a great fine motor skill craft as well.

5. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas trees ornaments! This is another simple pipe cleaner ornament your little one can easily make. Wrap green, or any color, pipe cleaner around a green craft stick. Don’t forget to add the colored beads as ornaments!

Easy Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornaments

homemade christmas ornaments with candy canes, crystallized ornaments, pom poms, twirly ornaments, jingle bells, and angels

6. Himmelis Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Make more retro ornaments while teach your child about shapes! These Himmelis are easy to make and look amazing on the Christmas tree. Not a fan of gold? Use whatever colors you want. You could even make these to create a wreath or garland as well.

7. Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

These pipe cleaner ornaments are some the easiest to make especially for little hands. Make Christmas candy canes to hand on the Christmas tree by twisting pipe cleaners together. Make them red and white, red and green, or even twirl three of them together to make white, red, and green candy canes.

8. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

These homemade Christmas ornaments looks very similar to pom poms or even small sparkly fireworks. These are also easy to make, but probably for preschoolers and kindergarteners as it requires scissors.

9. Christmas Angel

Here is another cute Christmas angel. This one is easy and quick to make. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and all you need is some pretty ribbons to hand it up.

10. Icicle Ornament

This icicle ornament is so cool! It’s easy to make, is fairly hands off, and doubles as a science experiment. Educational and fun! All you need is pipe cleaners, string, borax, and a couple other things to make crystallized ornaments!

11. Icicles For Preschoolers

These Icicle ornaments for preschoolers are great ornaments. Shiny, colorful, and pretty. However, these pipe cleaner ornaments also double as a fine motor skill activity as they work on moving the different beads onto the pipe cleaner.

Pipe Cleaner Ornament Crafts with a Twist

12. Jingle Bell Ornaments

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Your little ones will love making these ornaments! They’re super pretty, and musical as well! Add ribbons, use shiny pipe cleaners, and get as many colorful bells as you want.

13. Christmas Wreath

Make more Christmas wreaths for your tree with these fluffy Christmas wreath ornaments. They’re made with regular green pipe cleaners, metallic pipe cleaners, and various red beads. I love it.

14. Pipe Cleaner Tree Ornaments

Pipe cleaner tree ornament are perfect for little hands! It is so simple to make. Bend your sparkly pipe cleaners to look just Christmas tree. Use gold pipe cleaners to make great big stars for the top of the Christmas tree. Use green ribbon to hang them up.

15. DIY Christmas Ornaments

These DIY Christmas ornaments are very unique and also work great as a fine motor skill activity. Use pipe cleaners and add lots and lots of colorful pony beads. These ornaments go from 2D to 3D once it is done.

16. Cinnamon Pipe Cleaner Tree Ornament

This pipe cleaner ornament is made with, yes, pipe cleaners, colorful buttons, and cinnamon sticks. This is not only easy for kids to make, but the cinnamon sticks will leave your Christmas tree smelling merry and festive.

How to Make a Christmas Ornament with Pipe Cleaners

DIY christmas ornaments with reindeer, music notes, suckers, angels, characters, and a christmas tree stopper

17. Easy Monogram Ornaments

Customize your own Christmas ornaments with these easy monogram ornaments. Little kids and even older kids can easily make them. Spell out their names, use the initials of the whole family, or even spell out things like Merry Christmas or Jesus is the reason for your Christmas tree.

18. Elf Ornaments

Make some craft stick Elf ornaments to go with your Santa craft stick ornaments. They’re very similar in how they’re made with their pipe cleaner hats, googly eyes, etc. But Santa always needs his Elves!

19. Poinsettia Ornaments

Poinsettias are a part of Christmas! These flowers are a lovely vibrant red, often with gold glitter dusted on them, making them a beautiful piece of Christmas decor. Now you can make these easy poinsettia ornaments using red and gold pipe cleaners.

20. Snow Globe Cup Ornaments

Make this cute little keepsake. This snow globe cup ornaments have sequins, fake snow, clear cup, and use pipe cleaners to add color and to hang it up on your tree. This is easy to make and the perfect gift for loved ones who may live far away.

21. DIY Pipe Cleaner Snowflake

You can still have a white Christmas by making your own snowflakes! Make these super cute and glittery snowflakes for your Christmas tree. They’re elaborate, pretty, and easy to make. Plus, glitter! This may be a craft that is better done outside.

22. Wreath Ornaments

Make these fluffy, small, wreaths with cute little ornaments! Use twine to hang them up. It’s cute, rustic, you can add multiple colors to create contrast.

Christmas Tree Decorations Made from Pipe Cleaners

DIY ornaments  with poinsettias, globes, wreaths, and snowflakes

23. Pipe Cleaner Garland

Make garland with pipe cleaners! Loop the pipe cleaners around each other and make colorful and festive garland. Use regular pipe cleaners or make it sparkle with metallic pipe cleaners.

24. Pipe Cleaner Music Ornaments

Have a music lover? Make these golden music notes! Add ribbons and bells to make them even more festive and musical.

25. Rudolph Ornament

Make this cute Rudolph the red nosed reindeer ornament with pipe cleaners, bows, ribbons, and beads. This would be a great craft to make alongside with the story of reading the Rudolph story or watching the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer movie.

26. Snow Ornaments

Make even more snowflake ornaments with white and silver pipe cleaners! Use silver string to string them on your tree. You could even string them together to make garland.

27. Wire Cross Angel Ornament

These angels are easy to make and you can make them quickly. Use colorful pipe cleaners, strings, beads, and buttons to make these festive and beautiful ornaments.

28. Pipe Cleaner Lillipops

Instead of candy canes hang lollipops on your tree! These lollipops are easy to make and you can swirl and twirl various colors together. Glue them to candy sticks and add strings and ribbons!

29. Chenille Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Use pipe cleaners to make bodies for various characters. Hang up Santa, Frosty, Rudolph, kitties and more on your Christmas tree! You could do this for any of your favorite characters Christmas or traditional.

30. Starburst Christmas Topper

Help your little one create this fabulous starburst Christmas topper and then let them put their creation up top! It’s beautiful and your child will feel so proud of the ultimate ornament they made!

More Christmas Ornaments To Make from Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite idea for a pipe cleaner Christmas craft? Did your kids have fun making ornaments from pipe cleaners for your tree?

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