55+ Disney Crafts For Kids

Disney Crafts are the best! From Frozen to Minions to Muppets and more, we have them all! Kids of all ages will love these fun and easy Disney Crafts and so will Disney adults as well! There is a craft for everyone!

Disney Crafts

Disney Crafts 

Below you will find a huge select of Disney crafts and activities from all of your beloved Disney movies and characters.

We have princesses, cars, Disneyworld ideas, snacks, and even characters from your favorite TV shows like Phineas and Ferb and Mickey’s Roadster Racers!

Disney Crafts That Your Kids WIll Love

We broke this big list into a few different sections to make it easier  to navigate. The sections are:

Frozen Crafts

Disney Crafts- Text: Make olaf from a recycled CD- olaf face on blue background- kids activities blog
This upcycled Disney crafts let’s you make Olaf!

1. Frozen Olaf Craft

Make your own Frozen Olaf from a recycled CD and a few craft supplies. I love crafts that use regular household items.

2. Frozen Painting Craft 

Love painting? Than try out this amazing duo of educational printables and magic painting! Learn and create art the same time with Elsa’s magic painting and Frozen math game! This is perfect for younger children pre-k and preschoolers!

3. Frozen Ice Castles Craft

Looking to add a little bit of Disney into your life? Let Elsa and Anna play with these fun Frozen Ice Castles you can make right in your kitchen.

4. Frozen Playdough Kit Craft

Want to keep your kids busy for hours? Than you have to try out this Frozen play dough kit. It’s so easy to make and full of pretty crystals, stars, gems, pearls, and magic!

5. Frozen Small World Play Activity

Frozen small world play is great for younger kids. Have toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners? Well then this Frozen craft and activity is a perfect way to not only have fun, but to promote pretend play and help them explore the world through their senses.

6. Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Craft

Build Elsa’s ice palace for your Elsa doll! All you need is sugar cubes, glass gems, crinkle paper, silver pipe cleaners, and a couple other things. It’s easy and fun to do! Plus, afterwards, your child can play with it. It’s great for quiet play and promoting pretend play.

7. Free Printable Frozen Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are one of my most favorite crafts. They’re easy, simple, colorful, and these free printable Frozen coloring pages are great for some quiet time, mess free, crafting.

8. Olaf Frozen Pom Pom Ornament

This Olaf Frozen pom pom Christmas ornament is so cute! It’s fluffy, soft, and looks just like Olaf! I love easy Disney craft ideas.

9. Elsa’s Frozen Slime

This Frozen slime isn’t actually frozen. But it’s blue, sparkly, and full of fake snowflakes! Such a fun Disney craft.

10. DIY Elsa’s Cape Craft

Are you good at sewing? If so, then try making this super cute quick Elsa cape. This Frozen craft is so cute! And the best part is, it will help promote pretend play as well.

Mickey Mouse And Friends Crafts

Disney Craft- DIY Minnie Mouse Piggy Bank- Jars painted like Mickey and Minnie Mouse with ears on lids
I love these Disney Mickey and Minnie mouse piggy bank craft!

11. DIY Minnie Mouse Piggy Bank Craft

Looking for the perfect Disney craft? Use mason jars to make these darling Minnie Mouse piggy banks.

12. Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers Craft

Does your little one love Mickey and The Roadster Racers? If so, they will love this Mickey Mouse craft! You can make your own Roadster Racers using toilet paper tubes.

13. Minnie Mouse Chicken Nugget Edible Craft

Children love chickie nuggies. But if your child loves Minnie Mouse then you’ll definitely wanna try these Minnie Mouse chicken nuggets. They even include a bow!

Big Hero Six Crafts

Disney Crafts- Baymax bandade tin red and white with Baymax and bandaids
This Disney craft is actually useful. Take bandaids wherever you go!

14. Baymax Big Hero Six Bandage Tin Craft

Make this super cute Baymax Big Hero Six bandage tin from an Altoids box.

15. Paper Plate Baymax Craft

Want more fun Disney craft ideas? Make Baymax using paper plates, paper, glue, and a popsicle stick. This Big Hero Six craft is so cute!

Disneyworld Crafts

Disney Crafts- DIY Disney Gear- water bottles, dresses, photos, mickey dress, shirts, and bottle
Get ready for Disney World or Disney Land with these DIY Disney gear crafts.

16. DIY Disney Clothes and Park Gear Crafts

Going to Disney World or Disney Land? Well, first let me say, I’m jealous! Then let me show you this awesome DIY Disney clothes and park gear. Perfect for dressing up and making your park gear Disney themed!

17. Disney World Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

For a fun treat, make this Disney inspired pineapple smoothie. So delicious!

18. Disney Princess Puppet Craft

Love all things Disney? Love all the Disney Princesses? Then you’ll love these free printable princess paper dolls! You can make puppets out of all the princess with this Disney Princess craft.

Planes Fire and Rescue Crafts

Disney Crafts- Clothespin planes painted against a black background
These planes from Disney’s Planes, Fire, and Rescue would make cute magnets I think.

19. Planes Fire and Rescue Airplane Craft

Inspired by the movie Planes Fire and Rescue, you can make your own planes from clothespins! 

20. Planes Fire and Rescue Christmas Ornament Craft

Make the Planes and Fire and Rescue characters into Christmas ornaments. You can have all of your favorite characters hanging on the Christmas tree.

Despicable Me Crafts

Disney Crafts- Despicable Me Minions made from toilet paper rolls with yellow and blue against white background

21. Toilet Paper Roll Despicable Me Craft

If you love Despicable Me then you’ll want to make these TP tube minions. 

22. Minion Bottle Craft

More Minions! I love this because most of the items are recycled! Grab a bottle, a head band, a tin lid and your paints to make this Minion bottle craft.

23. Minion Bottle Label Craft

Even more Minions! These Minion water bottles labels are so cute and would be perfect for a birthday party! This is such a cute Minion craft and only requires a handful of crafting supplies.

How To Train Your Dragon Crafts

Disney Crafts- How to train your dragon book with drawings and descriptions
How awesome is this How To Train Your Dragon book?

24. Make Your Own Big Book Of Dragons

This How To Train Your Dragon book of dragons is such a fantastic idea. I know a lot of kids that would adore this. 

25. How To Train Your Dragon Bookmark Craft

Dragons are so cool! Which is why this How To Train Your Dragon bookmark craft is the best! It has all the Dragons you will recognize like Toothless!

Monsters Inc. Crafts

Disney Crafts- Monsters University Cootie Catcher printable white background
Oh my gosh! I love that cootie catchers are still so popular!

26. Free Printable Monster’s University Cootie Catcher Craft

This free printable Monster’s University cootie catcher is so fun! 

27. Monster’s Inc Sensory Activity

This sensory bin is monstrously fun! Beads, eyeballs, Mike and Sulley along with other toys will make this Monster’s Inc Craft a blast! Or should we say a roar? I’ll see myself out now.

28. Monster’s Inc Meals and Treat Ideas

If Monster’s Inc. or Monsters University is your child’s favorite movies, then you will adore these monster meals and monsters treats!

Star Wars Crafts

Disney Crafts- Star Wars crafts with Princess Leia and R2D2 Toilet paper rolls
This Disney Craft is inspired from a movie, far far away…

29. Toilet Paper Roll Star Wars Craft

Save those toilet paper rolls! You can use them to make your favorite Star Wars characters like R2D2, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia. This Star Wars craft is so great.

30. Fun Star Wars Crafts For Kids

Star Wars fans get ready! We have the best Star Wars crafts. From snacks to crafts, and more, we have all the fun Star Wars crafts.

31. Star Wars Popsicle Craft

Be one with the Force and enjoy delicious popsicles at the same time! Love Star Wars? Love Popsicles? Great! This Star Wars Craft combines the two! This would be great for a Disney-themed party.

32. Gel Pen Lightsaber Craft

Did you know you can turn your gel pens into lightsabers? It’s easy! All you need is gel pens and black tape. This is one of the easiest Star Wars crafts.

33. R2D2 Star Wars Trash Can Craft

Grab blue tape, gray tape, and black tape, and a plain, clean, white trash can. Why? Well, with this Star Wars craft you will be making an R2D2 Star Wars trash can.

34. Star Wars Christmas Wreath Craft

Christmas and Star Wars? It doesn’t get better than that! You can make a Star Wars Christmas wreath, and it’s easy! This is such a festive Star Wars craft.

35. Pool Noodle Star Wars Lightsaber Craft

Pens aren’t the only thing you can use to make lightsabers. You can also use pool noodles and duct tape. It’s cool, because using different colored pool noodles is kind of like having different colored Kyber crystals.

36. Edible Lightsaber Ideas

Turns out lightsabers can also be edible. No, I’m serious! We have the best lightsaber snacks for you to choose from! I love edible Star Wars snacks.

Sleeping Beauty Crafts

Disney Crafts- Princess handprint craft of Disney Princess Aurora with pink dress on white plate
How sweet is this princess handprint craft?

37. Princess Aurora Plate Craft

I love this craft! It’s cute! This Sleeping Beauty craft lets you create a princess Aurora plate! All you need is a plate, paint, Aurora printable (provided), scissors, Mod Podge, and some markers. This is one of the best Disney crafts because it is also a keepsake.

38. Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament

Make a Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornament. This Sleeping Beauty craft is so cute! Using the Mickey Mouse template, you will make Aurora’s dress in pink, with a gold crown. Don’t like pink? Then make Aurora’s blue dress!

Tangled Crafts

Disney Crafts- Tangled movie sun lantern paper craft against beige wall
You can make the Tangled lantern from Disney’s Tangled movie! I love it.

39. Tangled Lantern Craft

The lanterns in Disney’s Tangled were so beautiful. They floated through the sky like stars. This Tangled lantern craft is so lovely and now you can have your own lantern!

40. Rapunzel Craft

Want more easy DIY Disney crafts? Use a potato sack to make Rapunzel’s long flowing blonde hair! Perfect to help anyone climb up the tower! This Rapunzel craft is so sweet!

Brave Crafts

Disney Crafts- Merida Brave craft in the shape of mickey mouse against wood background
It’s Merida from Brave and Mickey Mouse all mixed into one, and glitter!

41. Merida Christmas Ornament Craft

Look at these Merida Brave crafts! It looks like Mickey’s head, but it has Merida’s fiery hair and her blue and gold gown. These would make great Christmas ornaments. 

42. Brave Merida Craft

If you liked the Rapunzel craft, then you will love this Brave craft. Make Merida using a red mesh bag (like the ones you get from fruits or vegetables.) It will give her, her iconic red curly hair.

43. Brave’s Bear Christmas Ornament Craft

Speaking of Brave, look at these Bear Brave Crafts! Remember the 3 brothers and the mom turned into a bear? These are similar to the other Brave craft in, the bears have a more Mickey Mouse shape, but they definitely look like bears. These can be used as a Christmas ornament too!

Cinderella Crafts

Disney Craft- Cinderella glass slipper craft against a wood background
You can make Cinderella’s glass slipper! How awesome!

44. Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Craft

Make your own Glass Slipper just like Cinderella! The glass slippers from Cinderella were always my favorite princess accessory and now you can make your own with this Cinderella craft.

45. Cinderella’s Printable Pack

Speaking of Cinderella this printable pack is great if you have toddlers, pre-k aged kids, and even preschoolers!

46. Cinderella’s Mice Rag Craft

If you are a Disney princess lover than you will love this Disney craft. Cinderella’s friends were mice. And now you can have your own mice friends with this Cinderella rag mice craft!

Muppet Crafts

Disney Craft- How to paint muppet rockets for your garden- painted muppet rock on white background
Who is your favorite Muppet?

47. Muppet Rock Painting Craft

Paint Muppet rocks for a fun art project. These are adorable! 

48. Muppet Puppet Craft

You can make your own Muppet! Try out this Muppet craft and design your own Muppet. The best part is, you can really use it as a puppet! Hey, that rhymed!

Finding Nemo Crafts

Disney Crafts- Nemo paper craft with painted handprints on construction paper, nemo and dory
This Finding Nemo paper craft is great for younger kids.

49. Finding Nemo and Dory Handprint Fish Craft

“Just Keep Swimming” into this Finding Nemo and Dory handprint fish craft! It’s so cute, and perfect if Finding Nemo is your child’s favorite Disney movie. I know it’ll be your child’s favorite Disney craft!

50. Finding Nemo Water Play Activity

Have you tried this Finding Nemo water play? It’s great sensory fun! All you need is crinkle paper, toy Nemo figurines, and ice fishies! And water of course.

Tinkerbell Crafts

Disney Craft- tinkerbell inspired slime- green with tinkerbell, glitter, sequins
This Tinkerbell inspired slime makes a great sensory activity.

51. Tinkerbell Inspired Slime Craft

How cool is this Tinkerbell inspired slime! It’s green, sparkly, full of sequins and look! There is Tinkerbell!

52. Tinkerbell Pumpkin Carving Craft

Love Tinkerbell? Did you know you can cut Tinkerbell into a pumpkin? This is perfect as a fall or Halloween craft!

Beauty And The Beast Crafts

Disney Crafts- Cup decorated to look like chip from beauty and the beast against white and blue background
I love Chip! He is one of my favorite Disney characters.

53. Beauty and The Beast Chip Craft

Chip is such a cute character from Beauty and the Beast. With this Beauty and the Beast craft you will be able to make Chip using a recycled K-Cup.

54. Beast’s Rose Craft

Remember when Belle tried to touch Beast’s rose and he got upset? Well, you can make the same rose! All you need is paint, glitter, and a celery stalk. Yes, you heard that right! A celery stalk. This Beauty and the Beast craft is so clever and pretty.

55. Beast and Belle’s Magic Mirror Craft

Check on Beast and Belle with this magic mirror! Well, this Beauty and the Beast craft is full of magic too! Just like in movie you can have a magic mirror that you made all by yourself!

UP Crafts

Disney Crafts- Up finger painting craft with colors, white paper, and picture of child
You can make a scene of Up with you in it!

56. Up Finger Painting and Picture Craft

Love the movie Up? It’s a bittersweet movie, but I love the part where the house flies around using Balloons. And now it can look like your child is flying around with a ton of balloons with this Up Craft. You can use finger paint or acrylic paint.

57. Up Printable and Paint Craft

This printable doubles as a coloring sheet and a painting craft. I love this Up Craft. You can color the house from Up and then using your fingers and paint, make the balloons!

Cars Crafts

Disney Crafts- Lightning Mcqueen cardboard box cars craft against black background with chalk car tracks
Lightning McQueen is so fast!

58. Lightning McQueen Cardboard Craft

Love Cars? Then make Lightning McQueen from a cardboard box, paper towel, and some lids. You can race and drift with this awesome Cars Craft.

59. Popsicle Stick Cars Craft

Make all your favorite Cars characters using paint and popsicle sticks…and glue of course! This Cars craft is so easy, perfect for preschoolers, Kinder garters, and other elementary aged kids.

Phineas and Ferb Crafts

Disney Crafts- Perry the Platypus- How to make a paper bag perry the platypus against grass background
Hmm, where’s Perry?

60. Perry The Playpus Craft

“Where’s Perry?” That’s a common phrase from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb. Perry is their pet Platypus and know you can make your own Perry the Platypus, complete with a hat!

61. Phineas and Ferb Make Your Own Summer Bucket List Activity

Phineas and Ferb wanted to the get the most out of their summer vacation, and now with this Phineas and Ferb craft you can make your own summer bucket list!

Toy Story Crafts

Disney Crafts- Buzz lightyear crafts for kids- buzz shirt, gloves, painting, paper craft, and shoes
Impressive wingspan!

62. Buzz Lightyear Crafts

Buzz Lightyear! He’s the spaceman from Toy Story and you can make your very own Buzz Lightyear with these 10 Buzz Lightyear crafts.

63. Toy Story Slinky Dog Crafts

Slinky Dog is another character from Toy Story. And you can make your own Toy Story slinky dog craft! It’s so easy, all you need is Googly eyes, foam, a marker, and silver pipe cleaners.

64. The Claw Toy Story Craft

“The Claw!” The little Aliens from Toy Story are obsessed with the claw in Toy Story. This Toy Story Craft will let you make your very own Toy Story Alien Slime!

65. Toy Story Claw Game Craft

Speaking of Toy Story Aliens, you can make your very own Toy Story Claw game to catch the aliens!

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Which Disney Crafts did you try out? How did they turn out? Comment below and let us know we’d love to hear from you!

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