Athena Facts For Kids Obsessed With Greek Mythology

We all know a kid who loves learning about ancient Greece, so share with them these Athena facts coloring pages!

This free coloring sheet set includes two pages filled with facts about Athena, the daughter of Zeus. Print as many sets as you want and grab your crayons!

12 fun facts about Athena

How much do you know about the goddess Athena? Let’s learn about her with these interesting facts!

Screenshot of black and white printable Athena facts coloring sheet.
Learning is so much fun when coloring pages are included!
  1. Athena is a goddess in Greek mythology and one of the Twelve Olympian Gods who lived on Mount Olympus.
  2. She is an ancient Greek goddess most popular for being the patron of the city of Athens and the greek goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare.
  3. She was loved by the people of Athens, and she was honored by building the Athenian Acropolis in the center of the city.
  4. Athena’s name means goddess of war, courage, wisdom, law and justice. In Roman mythology, she is known as goddess Minerva.
  5. Athena’s father was Zeus, king of the gods and her mother was Metis, a nymph.
  6. She played a major role in the Trojan war and ensured her favorite Greek heroes would be safe.
Screenshot of black and white printable Athena facts coloring sheet.
Who knew learning about ancient mythology would be so entertaining?
  1. The most famous representation of Athena in the ancient world was the monumental gold and ivory statue of the goddess, which resided in the Athena Parthenos and was 38 ft.
  2. Athena’s shield, called the Aegis, features the head of Medusa. People who look at it would turn into stone.
  3. The goddess of victory, Athena, has grey eyes because olives are grey and she symbolizes the olive harvest.
  4. The smallest temple in honor of Athena is the temple of Athena Nike.
  5. The worship of Athena is still ongoing. Nowadays, some people in Greece still pay homage to her at the Acropolis.
  6. Confident, practical, clever and a great warrior are descriptions of Athena.

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Athena Facts Coloring pages

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Wait, we have more fun Athena facts!

Bonus interesting facts about Athena:

In ancient Greek mythology, the sea god Poseidon and Athena were competing to own the region of Attica, so they took part in a contest to see who would give the greatest blessing of Attica. Athena won as she planted the first Olive tree, so she became the patron goddess of the city of Athens, where one of her sacred temples, the Parthenon, was built.

Athena’s birth is of the most interesting greek myths. It is said that any child born to Metis would be more powerful than its father, so he swallowed Metis before the birth of Athena to prevent this from happening.

Because of this, Athena grew inside Zeus’s head, and she came out of his forehead.

Other versions of the story say that Pallas was the daughter of the sea-god Triton; she and Athena were childhood friends, but Athena accidentally killed her during a friendly sparring match. She took her name as a sign of grief, so she’s also called Pallas Athena.


Take time to read each fact and then color the picture next to the fact. Each picture will correlate with the Athena fact.

You can use crayons, pencils, or even markers if you want to.



What was your favorite Athena fact?

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