Best Compound Words Activities For Preschoolers

Do you have young readers at home? Are you looking for a great activity to help children with their understanding of compound words? You’re in the right place! We have 19 compound words activities for preschoolers that are so much fun.

Image shows a compilation of compound words activities for preschoolers from different sources
You’re bound to find a great resource for your kiddos here.

19 Fun Compound Word Activities

Before we begin, it’s important to know the definition of compound words. In the English language, compound words are two small words that are put together to form a different word. Compound words are unique because they have their own meaning, even though each word has different meanings on its own. Some examples are sea + shell = seashell sea + shore = seashore.

There are three different types of compound words: 

  • Closed compound words: These words are formed when two different words combine to form a new single word, like basket + ball = basketball.
  • Open compound words: Words that are created when a modifying adjective is added to a noun to create a new compound word that is also a noun, like ice + cream = ice cream.
  • Hyphenated compound words: Words that are joined together by a hyphen in between, like sister-in-law.

For younger kids, learning how to differentiate and separate compound words is important to help consolidate ideas in their brains. For older kids, compound words are a great way to reinforce the parts of a sentence and how they work together.

Here are 19 compound words worksheets and activities for young learners to learn a new skill in a fun way. Enjoy!

Image shows a compound words pack printable This reading mama
Get this free printable word list!

1. Free Compound Words Pack

Download and print these compound words cards and use them for different games to play and learn with! From This Reading Mama.

Image shows a printable compound word puzzles from Sara J Creations
Create new whole words.

2. Free Printable Compound Word Puzzles

These free printable compound word puzzles are the perfect way to add fun activities to your classes. Students will have so much fun playing these games that they won’t even realize they are learning. From Sara J Creations.

image shows a compound word activity with blocks. From 123 Homeschool 4 me
The easiest way to learn a single new word.

3. Learning Compound Words with Blocks

Learning about compound words is fun with this game using blocks! This is a fun educational activity to make learning fun with first graders and 2nd graders. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Image shows a free apple compound words worksheet. From 123 homeschool 4 me.
Download and print these free compound word pictures!

4. Apple Compound Words Worksheets

Print the compound word worksheets pdf file, and you are ready to play and learn with compound word activities. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Image shows a compound words worksheets and clip cards. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me
These activities are so much fun no matter the reading level.

5. Compound Words Worksheets and Clip Cards Activity

Practice compound words for kids with this pack of 2 different compound word pictures ideas for kids. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Image shows a compound word puzzle from Playdough to Plato.
Looking for a fun way to teach kids about compound words?

6. Free Compound Word Puzzles

These picture-only compound word puzzles are a memorable way to show how two words can be combined to make a brand new word. From Playdough To Plato.

Image shows a compound word matching game. From Sara J Creations.
Learning is so much fun with games!

7. Compound Words Matching Activity

Download and print this easy game! A matching rainbow for each compound word lists the two words that make up the compound word. It’s super fun! From Sara J Creations.

Image shows a compound words puzzle. From The kindergarten connection
Puzzles are a fun way to learn common compound words.

8. Compound Word Puzzles

These compound word puzzles are perfect for early readers who are working on that strategy or learning more about compound words. They are perfect for early reading fun. From The Kindergarten Connection.

Image shows an ice cream compound word activity from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Great activity for the summer!

9. FREE Printable Ice Cream Compound Words Activity

Kids will love this fun using the free ice cream printable for this ice cream themed compound words activity. Pro tip: Laminate it for durability! From 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Image shows a compilation of different compound word activities for preschoolers. From Smitten with first blog
Try these games and activities for kids.

10. Compound Words Activities

You’ll find both printable and digital activities for compound words here. This pack includes syllable counting, spelling, matching games, and other fun activities. From Smitten With First.

Image shows a spring compound puzzle. From MS Crafty Nyla
Welcome Spring with these games!

11. Spring Compound Words

Download and print this game which involves matching up two word-parts to form a compound word. From Ms Crafty Nyla.

Image shows a compound word brainstorm printable from Education
Here are so many word games!

12. Fun Exercises for Compound Words

Fun exercises for compound words can make learning about compound words enjoyable and improve your students’ vocabulary. From Education Your Dictionary.

Image shows a printable with compound words activities over a purple background. Idea from Play osmo
Here’s a huge list of compound words for your preschooler.

13. Compound Words for Kids – Interesting List of 200+ Words

Check out this very comprehensive list of compound words to help your little ones master longer words as well as smaller words. From Play Osmo.

Image shows a compound word printable with butterflies next to it on a table. Idea from Carrots are orange
Want more new ways to learn compound words?

14. Compound Words Activity for Preschoolers

This language activity from Carrots Are Orange is great because pre-readers can participate in the activity by finding the puzzle pieces that fit. Just download and print!

Image shows a young girl studying in her notebook. Idea from Learn with Homer
You’ll find different ways to practice compound words.

15. Compound Words For Kids: Tips And Activities

Here are different ways to learn what compound words are, how preschoolers can identify them in a sentence, and some fun activities for your visual learner to practice. From Homer Blog.

Image shows a printable compound word worksheet. From Momsequation
We love these compound word pictures.

16. Compound Words Worksheets-For Kindergarten With Pictures Learn & Trace

Help your preschooler learn compound words and phrases with these printables. They include a picture of the compound word to make it easier to learn. From Moms Equation.

17. Helpful Ways to Learn About Compound Words

These compound word printables are perfect for preschool and kindergarten. It’s very simple: have your student look at the two pictures, name each picture, and say the words together to discover the new word. From Primarily Learning.

Image shows a digital activity for compound word learning. Idea from Fun Learning for Kids
This digital version of flash cards takes 2 mins to set up.

18. Compound Words Activity for Google Slides and Seesaw

Use this compound words activity in Google Slides or Seesaw for fun literacy learning and word work instruction while students learn online. From Fun Learning For Kids.

Image shows a set of printable compound words activities for preschoolers. Idea from Little Ladoo.
Here are activities even for kids that don’t know how to read yet.

19. Compound Words for Kids

Download an interactive game that has more than 30 compound word pictures. If you’re a preschool teacher, this is great for you as kids do not need to know how to read! From Little Ladoo.

Want more worksheets for your preschooler? Here are our favorites from Kids Activities Blog:

What was your favorite compound words activity for preschoolers?

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