Best Homemade Bubble Recipe for Kids

This is the best bubble recipe for kids we have found to make great quality and quantity of homemade bubbles. This soap bubble solution is an easy recipe that uses just 3 simple non-toxic ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Kids of all ages will have a ball making homemade bubbles from scratch and then blowing bubbles together.

Homemade bubbles shown made with bubble recipe from Kids Activities Blog - large plastic bubble wand shown over backyard grass with large voluminous bubbles being blown by the wind
Let’s blow bubbles with our homemade bubbles solution!

Homemade Bubble Solution

Summer fun = Bubbles! Save yourself a trip to the store, time and money by making the best homemade bubbles recipe at home.

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Blowing bubbles is an essential childhood memory of summer! The only problem is that bubbles disappear quicker than you can use them.

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This DIY bubble recipe is such a simple recipe that you will never buy a container of bubble solution from the store again! 

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Playing with bubbles is the perfect activity to keep kids of all different ages busy. It’s perfect for outside play, which cuts down on clean up. Speaking of cleanup, it’s just soap! Hose them down after, and you are all set! 

This Homemade Bubble Recipe

  • Makes: 4 cups of soap solution
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes

SUPPLIES NEEDED for Bubble Recipe

Supplies needed for homemade bubble recipe on white background: corn syrup, water, dish soap, plastic container, spoon and bubble wands
Just two ingredients plus water make the best bubbles recipe!
  • 6 tablespoons light corn syrup <–our secret ingredient!
  • 3 cups of water (can be tap water)
  • 1 cup of dish soap or dishwashing liquid
  • Large plastic container or cup
  • Large spoon
  • Bubble wands 

Directions to Make Your Own Bubble Mixture

Step 1

Step 1 - Best bubble recipe - add the water and corn syrup to a small bowl and stir
Let’s start by adding corn syrup to the container you are making the bubble solution in.

Add the corn syrup and the water together in a large bowl and stir.

Step 2

Step 2 - Best bubble recipe - add dish soap to the corn syrup and water mixture
Next, let’s add the dish soap!

Add the dish soap to the water and corn syrup mixture.

Step 2b - Best bubble recipe - gently stir with spoon
Stir gently so you don’t create bubbles…yet!

Gently stir in the dish soap without creating bubbles or foam!

Step 3

Step 3 - Best bubble recipe - store in air tight container with a lid
Now we are finished!

Cover and store for later use or let’s head outside with our bubble wand to blow some bubbles!

Finished Bubble Solution Recipe

Separate the easy bubble recipe big batch into small containers so each child can have their own bubble solution.

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Use plastic bubble wands or make your own bubble wands with pipe cleaners.

Our Favorite Bubble Toys

Homemade bubble solution from bubble recipe shown in clear container with bubble wands
So much fun to blow bubbles!

Here are some of our favorite bubble toys, and items used to make your homemade bubbles:

  • How cool is this bubble wand assortment?! It comes with the little an to pour your bubble solution into, so that kids can dip their wands into it. We love all of the fun shapes and sizes of bubbles from large bubbles to small bubbles.
  • Little bubbles are fun but try super sizing your bubbles with a giant bubble kit! 
  • To make homemade bubbles, you need: light corn syrup and dish soap. 
  • Don’t forget the classic bubble lawn mower! I loved mine when I was a kid! 


Yes! And you’ll save money, too, since you need quite a bit of bubble solution to run a bubble machine. So, bonus! {giggle}

Homemade bubbles made from bubble solution blowing in the wind in the backyard over grass
Let’s blow bubbles with our homemade bubble solution!


When I was a kid, one of my FAVORITE booths at my elementary school science fair was the BIG bubble booth! 

  1. Two teachers operated it, using a baby wading pool about 1/4 of the way full of bubbles, with a stable stool in the middle of for the child to stand on, so the kiddo’s feet don’t get all sudsy. *Be sure to supervise and spot the stool so the child doesn’t slip and consider having the child wear safety goggles (or swimming goggles) so that they don’t get suds in their eyes when the bubble pops. 
  2. A child would stand on the stool and the teachers pulled a hula hoop up from the bottom of the wading pool, with the child and the stool in the middle.
  3. The hula hoop acted like a huge bubble wand, and the child would actually get to stand INSIDE a bubble while the biggest bubbles enveloped them!

It was the coolest thing, ever and so much fun. This would be so fun for a cookout or summer birthday party!

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • 6 tablespoons light corn syrup
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup dish soap


  • Large plastic container or cup
  • Large spoon
  • Bubble wands


  1. Add corn syrup and water to container and stir.
  2. Gently stir in dish soap trying not to create bubbles or foam.
  3. Cover and store for later use or use immediately with bubble wand.


What is the first thing you are going to try with this homemade bubble recipe?

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