Brilliant Preschool Letter B Book List

Let’s read books that start with the letter B! Part of a good Letter B lesson plan will include reading. A Letter B Book List is an essential part of your preschool curriculum whether that is in the classroom or at home. In learning the letter B, your child will master letter B recognition which can be accelerated through reading books with the letter B.

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Check out these great books to help you learn the Letter B!

Preschool Letter Books for the Letter A

There are so many fun letter books for preschool age kids. They tell the letter B story with bright illustrations and compelling plot lines. These books work great for letter of the day reading, book week ideas for preschool, letter recognition practice or just sitting down and reading!

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Words that start with the letter B like bear
Let’s read about the letter B!


These are some of our favorites! Learning the Letter B is easy, with these fun books to read and enjoy with your little one.

Are You A Bee- B Book
Letter B book: Are You A Bee?

1. Are You a Bee?

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Follow the perspective of a honeybee! The backyard is such a busy place for a young bee. The beautiful illustrations of this book make it fun to follow along with.

Bird Hugs- b books
Letter B Book: Bird Hugs

2. Bird Hugs

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Bernard’s wings are impossibly long, and try as he might, he just can’t seem to fly. He just isn’t like other birds. Bernard is left wondering what his wings are good for…if anything at all. But, before long, he learns to love what makes him so unique.

There's A Bear on My Chair - letter b books
Letter B Book: There’s A bear On My Chair

3. There’s a Bear on My Chair

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A bear has settled into mouse’s favorite chair! Mouse tries all kinds of things to move the Bear, but nothing works. Once Mouse has gone, Bear gets up and walks home. But what’s that? Is that a mouse in Bear’s house? A book to teach the letter B, and some manners!

Fear the Bunny
Letter B Book: Fear The Bunny

4. Fear the Bunny

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Tigers may be the most feared animal in some forests, but not this one. Here, all tigers fear the bunny! Our tiger finds that to be silly—what are they going to do? Nibble on his tail? Bop him on the head? Cute him to death? Fear the bunny—HA! This adorable poem turns the tables, and teaches one tiger a little rabbit-respect!

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?
Letter B Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

5. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

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I feel like everyone I know used this book, in their nursery. It’s a staple, and rightly so! The singsong text and unique art style is a favorite across generations!

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Letter B Books for Preschoolers

Bears Don't Read!
Letter B Book: Bears Don’t Read!

7. Bears Don’t Read!

–>Buy book here

Once upon a time, there was a large brown bear who found a book lying under a tree… This exquisite new picture book from renowned creator, Emma Chichester Clark, is a magical story of friendship to power the imagination and encourage children (and bears!) towards a lifelong love of reading.

B Is For Bedtime
Letter B Book: B Is For Bedtime

8. B Is For Bedtime

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This timeless before-bed classic is a soothing meander towards the end of an evening. Beautifully told in gentle rhythmic verse, it leads us through a charming A-to-Z bedtime routine. Endearing characters are brought to life by adorable illustrations. This letter B Book is perfect for your bedtime routine!

Bee Makes Tea
Letter B Book: Bee Makes Tea

9. Bee Makes Tea

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A lively little story about a bee, on the beach, making tea! The simple rhyming is great for early readers. This book makes it truly easy for parents, with a guide for teaching at the back of the book.

Letter B Book: Boy

10. Boy

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The king’s battles with the dragon were always mighty and loud. Boy lived in silence and couldn’t hear the fighting. But Boy could see the fear around him… and how everyone would be much happier without it. A great book for your little one to learn about true strength.

Bug In A Rug
Letter B Book: Bug In A Rug

More Recommended Preschool Books From Kids Activities Blog

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Which letter B book was your child’s favorite letter book?

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