DIY Crayon Costume From Cardboard

DIY Crayon Costume (that will cost you basically $0 to make) is what Kids Activities Blog is all about. Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive or difficult! This crayon costume is perfect for kids of all ages and for those on a budget!

halloween crayon costume


This easy checkers Halloween costume will do its job for sure:

  • Easy to make
  • Use recycled materials – no need to buy supplies
  • Can be sized for any child or adult
  • Great for anyone who loves crayons and coloring

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How To Make A Crayon Costume

Since we are definitely an artistic family, this was the perfect costume for my daughter!

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Supplies Needed

Directions TO Make A Crayon Costume

Step 1

Find piece of cardboard that would be soft enough and would rap around your kid’s body. Also, keep in mind how long do you want the “crayon” to be.

Step 2

Measure and cut the holes where the hands will be.

Step 3

Make the the hat – the crayon tip.


It was a bit of challenge and a geometry lesson for us, so let us share with you.

crayon costume

Step 4

To make a big size (party hat looking) crayon tip we made a big circle on the cardboard. If you don’t have anything big and round on hand, use this trick:

  • Get a rope as long as you want your circle to be
  • Tie one side of the rope to the pencil and the other to something sharper (like a nail) which you should stick in the middle of wanted circle.
  • Hold down the nail with one hand, while drawing a circle with other hand. The tied up rope will not let you get out perimeter. Perfect circle!

Step 5

When you are done with circle, cut it out. Then cut one third (or more) out of it.

Step 6

Put the ends together and tape it (or glue it).

Step 7

Paint the hat.

crayon costume for halloween

Step 8

Color the crayon.


We used a combination of spray paint, markers and crayons. But it could totally be done with some successive (and optimistic) crayon coloring.

Step 9

Put the costume on and secure the ends with tape or glue. I prefer tape because it’s easier to take it off if needed.

diy halloween crayon costume

Why We Love This Crayon halloween Costume

Making things out of things. I love it when we can use recyclable materials and create pretty awesome stuff.

Actually, the piece of cardboard we used for this project didn’t even get on the picture because it was pretty ugly.

Just look how a box of crayons (or paint) can do the magic.


How did your crayon costume turn out? What color crayon did you dress up as? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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