Free Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Today we have a super fun printable backyard scavenger hunt! Not only is it so much fun, but this backyard scavenger hunt is great for kids of all ages. Though younger children may need some assistance. Download and print this simple backyard scavenger hunt and use it at home or in the classroom! This scavenger hunt is the perfect way to keep your kids busy, and to get them up and moving.

Backyard Scavenger hunt Coloring Pages printed pdf black and white sheets on a wooden background with crayons, eraser, and coloring supplies- kids activities blog
This backyard scavenger hunt is so much fun!

Free Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt

A backyard scavenger hunt is a great way to enjoy some outdoor adventures and breathe fresh air in your own backyard. Click the button to download and print our backyard scavenger hunt:

Get your magnifying glass and get ready for an exciting nature walk in your own home. If you have little ones that love a good nature scavenger hunt, then this backyard scavenger hunt game will keep them entertained for hours on end.

1. First Page Of Our Backyard scavenger hunt list

Backyard Scavenger hunt Coloring Page- Page 2- butterfly, 3 different types of leaves, snail, ladybug, something smelly, yellow flower, something bumpy, bee worm-kids activities blog
Let’s find a butterfly, a snail, and a ladybug!

The first printable page of our backyard scavenger hunt includes cute insects, like a ladybug, a bee, and other little animals. There are some blank squares where kids will have to draw what they found; for example, something bumpy could be a really bumpy rock!

  • butterfly
  • 3 different types of leaves
  • snail
  • ladybug
  • something smelly
  • yellow flower
  • something bumpy
  • bee
  • worm

2. Second Page Of Our Backyard scavenger hunt list

Backyard Scavenger hunt Coloring Page - Page 2 with rocks, insect, spider web, a bird singing, clover, something you like, bird singing, clover-kids activities blog
The second page of our backyard scavenger hunt is just as fun as the first one!

The second printable page of our backyard scavenger hunt, some things might be a little bit more difficult to find – so pay close attention to your surroundings!

  • something soft
  • seed or berry
  • 2 crooked sticks
  • 4 rocks
  • insect
  • spider web
  • a bird singing
  • clover
  • something you like
Backyard scavenger hunt printed pdf black and white sheets on a dark background with coloring supplies and colorful accessories- Kids activities blog
Download our free backyard scavenger hunt list right now!

Download Free Backyard Scavenger Hunt PDF file

How To Use This Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Download & print our backyard scavenger hunt free printable & have fun with the whole family!

You are going to love how easy it is to play it: simply print out our PDF file and give your kiddo a crayon or pencil to check off the specific items in the list as they find them. It’s that simple!

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Did you enjoy our backyard scavenger hunt?

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