Gak Filled Easter Eggs – Easy Filled Easter Egg Idea

We are always looking for candy alternatives to fill Easter eggs at my house and this filled Easter egg idea is a big hit! Kids will love the oozy, gooey, slimy fun of Gak Filled Easter Eggs!  You will love how easy it is to pre-fill plastic Easter eggs with this ahead of time. This is a great non-candy treat to put into Easter eggs.

Kids will love finding Gak Filled Easter Eggs in their Baskets - shown are plastic Easter eggs with gak slime oozing out!
Gak is one of the best ways to pre-fill plastic eggs without a lot of mess.

Ideas for Filling Easter Eggs that are Non Candy

Gak is so cool! It stretches and squishes like slime, but is a lot less messy.That’s what makes it the perfect material for filling Easter eggs.

Kids can take it out right away to play, then pop it back into the egg for easy storage.

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Supplies Needed to Make Prefilled Gak Easter Eggs 

  • plastic Easter eggs that do not have holes – see below if your plastic eggs have holes
  • Store-bought Gak or make our super quick 2 Ingredient Gak recipe

Tip:  We made our own Gak for this project (it is easy!) and used green glittered school glue!

Gak Filled Easter Eggs

Why Do Plastic Easter Eggs Have Holes?

This seems to be a pretty big mystery on the internet as to why newer plastic egg styles generally arrive with little holes.  While the speculation goes from safety (holes allow breathing…I feel this one is a stretch since the holes are tiny) to they are for hanging the eggs (not the most common use), but the most reliable answer in my opinion is this:

“It’s to let the air out when you join the two halves together. Seal the holes and try it. They keep popping open!”

-AskingLot, Why do Easter Eggs Have Holes

If your plastic Easter eggs have holes, fill them in with hot glue.  You don’t want holes in your eggs for the Gak slime.  And we haven’t seen any problem with having plastic eggs without holes.

Instructions to Make Prefilled Gak Easter Eggs

Step 1

Gather your plastic eggs and Gak filling.

Step 2

Gak Filled Easter Eggs step 2 - press a little Gak into each side of the plastic Easter egg
It is time to fill your plastic eggs with Gak!

Next, press a small bit of Gak slime into each side of the egg.

Step 3

Then snap the plastic egg shut. Repeat with the rest of the eggs!

Gak Filled Easter Eggs - opening the egg filled with Gak is spectacular!
What an unexpected surprise to open an egg and find this awesome Gak!

Surprise Inside of Plastic Easter Eggs

When opened, the Gak will briefly hold  the shape of the Easter egg before slowly oozing out. My children had fun holding the Gak up high and then letting it cascade into the other half of the egg.

Gak Filled Easter Eggs steps for easy pre-filled idea - 2 supplies needed, fill in the sides, close and hide
Such a simple and fun idea to pre-fill plastic Easter eggs with Gak slime.

Doesn’t it look like fun?


OK, so we have gone a little coloring page crazy lately, but all things spring-y and Easter are so fun to color:

Are you going to make your own Gak for your pre-filled plastic Easter eggs?

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