Here’s A List of The Hottest Ride On Car Toys For Kids

Looking for an amazing gift for your kids? Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or just because you can’t go wrong with one of these ride on cars.

A john deere tractor, a lamborghini, a classic vintage car, and a jeep all together. All are battery operated ride on cars for kids.
There are so many cool ride-on cars out there, these days!

Ride On Cars For Kids

My kids asked for a ride on car! I knew it was coming. They got hooked on zipping around in their cousin’s battery operated dump truck.

I started looking into kids cars for my own kids and I was surprised by their good looks. Police cars, hot rods, even a luxury vehicle, these things are cool!

They have steering wheels that work, low max speeds, some have reverse functions, and run on 12-volt battery. Perfect for younger children.

Battery Powered Ride On Cars for Kids

An electric battery-powered ride-on car is one of those things that you just can’t go wrong with. It is a delight on Christmas day, and for years to come!

Recently, we talked about the really cool tank, with a cannon. As much as my kids would love that, I don’t want to hear a bunch of “But he hit- “.

Safer to go with an option without projectiles, sadly. We learned our lesson, after the NERF Battle Racer debacle at my brother’s house. Article contains affiliate links.

Ride-On Cars For Kids with Lights

1. Pink Ride On Jeep

This Pink Jeep with colorful top lights, speakers for music, and a remote control for my peace of mind!

2. Police Car Ride On Toy

A police car could be a fun one! I can let one drive a sports car and the other one drive this! Let them keep each other entertained, chasing each other to write tickets.

3. Fire Fighter SUV Ride On Vehicle For Kids

Love firefighters? Than this Fire Fighter SUV with real flashing lights is perfect! This is great for younger children who think first responders are heroes or the child of a first responder! Hit the open road and promote pretend play with this super cool truck car.

4. Sports Car Maserati Ride on Toy

A battery operated Maserati is really posh and exciting, on it’s own. This one goes above and beyond, a real shift, LED lights, horns, double openable doors, remote control, and real mirrors! I love that it has a parental control mode, just in case!

5. Ride On Chevrolet Silverado Car Truck

Everyone needs a truck and like most riding toys this one has a rechargeable battery, because battery-powered ride-on cars must have one! Plus extra features like remote control, MP3 player, spring suspension, 3 speeds, and lights!

6. Land Rover Ride On Car

This is one of the coolest electric kids ride. This Land Rover almost looks like the real thing, but smaller. I can’t promise it’s the best terrain vehicle like the adult’s version, but I’m sure your little one can put this kid’s ride-on car to the test! You can choose different colors too for your kids first car.

Ride On Vintage Classic Car Toys

7. Sporty And Classic Benz Ride On

Or maybe a battery-operated classic vintage car, in a lovely pearl color! I wish I could afford a Benz for myself! I can let my daughter live my dreams, I suppose.

8. Classic Ride On Toy

This classic Mercedes is just too beautiful! The cherry red paint and chrome decorations give it a realistic look. The skid resistant wheels and seat belt give me peace of mind!

9. Volkswagen Beetle Ride On Toy

There is nothing that I love quite like a Volkswagen Beetle! My husband drives one, so it could be really neat to let my kids have a toy car that’s just like their dad’s!

Battery Powered Race Cars

Luckily, none of these go as fast as their real counterparts. But that doesn’t mean it won’t feel like the fastest set of wheels, to my babies!

10. Fancy Sports Car Ride On

This Lamborghini Aventador has two seats! It also comes in green, as well as red!

11. Dodge Viper Ride On Toy

From Kid Trax, is a pretty authentic-looking Dodge Viper! Not only does it have Bluetooth connectivity, but it also has an FM radio tuner! You can get this one in pink, red, or blue!

12. Fast Ride Ride On Toy

When I think of a truly fast car, I think of a Bugatti! This one has a remote mode, in case your child is too small to drive, yet! It also has a handle and can be pulled like luggage, when not being driven!

Pretend Play Outdoor Toys

13. Pedal Power Fork Lift Ride On for Younger Kids

My son’s best friend recently got a pedal-powered fork-lift. I know that he will have a lot of fun pretending to be at a construction site, with his friend.

14. Ride On Dump Truck for Kids

My son will love the ride on semi truck, with its little CB radio and detachable trailer! His best friend can load the trailer with the fork lift! But, these were close seconds, to the semi truck!

15. Ride on Digger for Kids

This tractor excavator toy with a working crane would be a lot of fun! I just don’t think my son has the motor skills to enjoy it, yet. Maybe next year!

16. John Deere Tractors Ride For Kids

As I sat here writing this, I changed my own mind! My son loves the song “International Harvester” and I know he would love to sing it while riding on this tractor! I can already hear the “P-p-p-p-plower!”

A vintage car, a jeep, a fast lamborghini, and a tractor. All are battery powered for kids.
Which of these would your kids enjoy the most?

I’m still struggling to figure out which battery powered ride on car will be perfect, for my daughter. At least I know that she will love whichever one I chose, so long as it’s faster than her brother’s!

More Kids Ride On Cars From Kids Activities Blog:

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What are you getting your little one one of these super cool ride on cars? Let us know in the comments!

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