Homemade Infinity Gauntlet Slime Recipe

This easy homemade Infinity Gauntlet slime recipe is full of sparkle and inspired by the Avengers End Game movie. Kids of all ages will have fun making and playing with this DIY Infinity Gauntlet Slime! If you have a little Marvel fan then this easy homemade Infinity Gauntlet slime recipe is for you!

avengers infinity gauntlet slime recipe - finished slime recipe shown twisted into an infinity symbol with sparkles on a white background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make infinity slime!

Infinity Gauntlet Slime Recipe

This slime recipe turns out with just the right amount of stretchy for slime play. When you stretch out the slime, it shimmers and sparkles in a really cool way.

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We love this easy slime recipe and love that it no borax is required!

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Supplies Needed to Make Homemade Slime

Homemade Infinity Gauntlet slime- gold with red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and blue gems- based on Marvels Avengers against a white background with loose gems-Kids activities blog
How pretty is this homemade Infinity Gauntlet slime? I just want to squish and stretch this homemade slime!

Directions to Make Infinity Slime Recipe

Step 1

First, pour your bottle of clear glue into the bowl.

Step 2

Next, add your baking soda and stir well. 

Step 3

Now, add in your gold mica powder and stir well.

Step 4

Carefully add in your saline solution, stirring as you add it. You’ll start to see the slime form right away, keep adding the saline solution until you reach the consistency you want.

Step 5

You’ll want to knead the slime for a little bit so it can become stretchy and pliable. 

Homemade Infinity Gauntlet slime gold and stretchy with red gems, blue, purple, and yellow gems on someone's hand-kids activities blog
Be like Thanos and wear the Infinity Gauntlet!

Step 6

All that is left now is to add the gemstones, the gauntlet has the colors mentioned above so add as many as you’d like and have fun playing with this totally cool slime!

Homemade Infinity Gauntlet slime being stretched by hand against a white background- gold slime with red, blue, purple, yellow, and green gems.
Your little one will love playing with this DIY Infinity Gauntlet slime! It’s so much fun!

Finished Infinity Slime Recipe

See how well the homemade slime stretches? I love different colors of gold that all sparkle next to each other.

Place your slime near a window to see how the colors of gold change in the natural light.

Homemade infinity gauntlet slime oozing off of stacked wooden blocks against a white background with scattered red, blue, green, yellow, and purple gems- kids activities blog
This Infinity Gauntlet slime is so shiny and oozy!

Storing Infinity Slime

You can store your slime for later use in an airtight container.

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Make this homemade infinity gauntlet slime and more with this fun craft book!
Make this homemade infinity gauntlet slime and more with this fun craft book!


What is your favorite thing about this infinity slime recipe?

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