How to Teach Your Child to Wash Their Own Hair

Child is full of learning milestones, but some of the most important ones are often overlooked in importance. Knowing how to properly wash your hair is definitely one of those milestones! Proper hygiene is a life skill and childhood should include this important skillset. Here is the simple method for washing hair independently.

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Let’s learn how to wash hair all by myself!

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How to Teach Independent hair Washing Technique

While every child is different, below are some general guidelines to follow when beginning to teach your child to wash their hair.

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Be sure to practice patience through the process as every child learns and develops at a different pace. And always praise them for a job well done!

Step 1

Wet hair thoroughly.

Tip: Have them us a fun toy like this shampoo rinser to wet their hair.

rinse aid product for kids to be able to wash hair independently - Kids Activities Blog

Step 2

Put a small amount of shampoo onto their hand (dime size is good to start and you can go up from there).

Step 3

Ask your child to begin rubbing the shampoo onto their hair and scalp. If they need help, you can gently guide them.

Step 4

Have them rinse their hair using a plastic cup, small plastic pitcher or shampoo rinser and ask them to feel it each time. This will give them the ability to “feel” when there is soap in the hair, and when there is not (with your help, of course).

Step 5

Use a regular towel or a fun one with a towel with a hood and teach them to dry their hair.

Step 6

It’s time to brush! Depending on your child’s hair texture, this would be a great time to teach them to brush their hair, too. Even if they don’t do much, it will make them feel proud and encourage them to try again!

There you have it! Super simple and easy, but such a great hygiene skill to have. Before you know it your child will be washing their hair all by themselves.

Bath time struggles can be frustrating and you can feel helpless, but it will end. Keep trying and making you child feel safe.  Resist the urge to become frustrated or angry with your child. Try making bath time fun and enjoyable for your child.

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What age was your child when they could wash their own hair?

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