Letter A Coloring Page: Free Alphabet Coloring Pages

Kids Activities Blog is super excited to roll out our letter coloring pages as the first in a series of free printable alphabet coloring pages and today it is all about letter a coloring pages!

Alphabet Letter A Coloring Page

Our letters of the alphabet coloring page series is a great way for younger children to play with abc coloring pages of capital letters leading to letter recognition and phonemic awareness – beginning sounds & letter sounds all through printable activities.

These preschool worksheets will help young learners develop hand muscles and fine motor skills with fun educational activities like coloring the letter A.

This coloring page features a capital letter A that is perfect for your letter of the day lesson plans.

Uppercase Letters: Letter A Coloring page

The letter a is the very first letter of the alphabet & the very first vowel. This gives the letter a a special place in all of our hearts…

Letter A coloring page from Kids Activities Blog shown with A, B, C, colored pencils, markers, crayons and Kids Actitivities dot com.
Yay! Let’s color the letter A!

Preschool Printable Letter A Coloring Page

Preschoolers and Kindergartners who are learning the letters will be excited to add coloring the letter a with this coloring page to their alphabet to-do list!

This letter a coloring page has a large letter A that is big enough to add color with crayons, markers, gel pens or even paint. On either side of the large letter A there are two ants. And on the very top of the letter A is an apple.

  • A is for apple!
  • A is for ant!
  • A is for letter A coloring page fun!

Download & Print Letter A Coloring Page pdf File via Email Delivery

We will send this file directly to your email inbox to instantly download & print this letter a coloring page to keep the learning fun going.

More Letter A Learning from Kids Activities Blog

More Letter Coloring Pages for Kids

We hope you and your child has a ton of fun learning the letter a with this letter a coloring page.

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