Positive and Encouraging Etiquette Activities For Youth

Proper etiquette can be hard to crack, especially for young children. So if you’re teaching etiquette to your little ones, you already know the best way is to do it in a fun way! Take a look at these 18 etiquette activities for youth.

Image shows a compilation of etiquette activities for youth.
Let’s work on those social skills!

Best Proper Manners Lessons For Kids

Learning proper behavior is one of our most important life skills from an early age. First impressions matter, and a child with proper etiquette will grow up with great social and communication skills, making it easier to get along with others in all social situations.

Good etiquette is more than good table manners and knowing how to shake hands. It also means being both a good guest and host, respecting others, showing interest in new friends, knowing how to behave at a friend’s house, having a good attitude towards different scenarios, and more. 

That’s why today we are sharing fun activities for teaching manners to young kids. It might sound complicated, but the good news is that there are simple ways to do it! Let’s get started.

Image shows a little girl sticking her tongue out, with text that reads "the good manners song, teaching kids politeness"
Music is always a great way to learn!

1. The Good Manners Song

“The good manners song” reminds kids about good behavior in a fun way! They won’t even know they are learning. From Let’s Play Kids Music.

2. Behaving Properly | Little Mandy Manners | TinyGrads | Children’s Videos | Character Songs

Children can have fun singing along with Little Mandy Manners about having good behavior and learning proper manners. From Tiny Grads.

Image shows two images of a little girl painting on a blue table. Idea from Motherhood on a dime
Here’s another gentle way to teach manners.

3. Teaching Manners Through Art

With a few supplies, your kids can create a masterpiece and practice different manners, such as sharing, asking politely, and being encouragers. From Motherhood On a Dime.

Image shows a DIY box decorated with cute paper. It has a kid putting in a piece of paper with the words "helped someone"
Let’s make manners fun!

4. Build Better Habits With the Good Manners Box

If you have a middle schooler or kids going to school, it’s important to prepare your child’s social skills so that she gets along with others and show respect for her teachers and classmates. Try making this DIY box from PBS.

Image shows three plushies on the floor with the words "please", "doing", and "thank you" on them. Idea from Simply Outrageous Youth
Plushies are always a great idea!

5. 4 Games/Activities that Teach Kids Manners

These games and activities are a great way to complement the good manners lesson plans, no matter the age of the child! From Simply Outrageous Youth.

Image shows three drawings of monsters with the text "excuse me, you're welcome" and other polite words. Idea from File Folder Fun.
Print this easy game!

6. Monster Manners Game

These monsters need a bit of help with their manners! This simple game helps children understand the difference between good and bad manners. From File Folder Fun.

IMage shows paper plates with printable food cards glued to them. idea from Happy home fairy.
Let’s learn basic table manners!

7. Yes Please, No Thank You Holiday Meal Manners Game – FREE Printable AND Giveaway!

Here’s a fun way to help kids understand basic manners such as please and thank you, especially for a Thanksgiving feast. Idea from Happy Home Fairy.

Image shows a printable plate with instructions for proper table manners. Idea from Cutesy Crafts
Here are easy etiquette lessons for kids.

8. Tools for Surviving Restaurants and Teaching Table Manners to Kids

Download and print this game to teach table manners to kids. All you need is the printable, a bead or token, and that’s it! From Cutesy Crafts.

Image shows a set of printable pigs on sticks to teach manners. Idea from Inspired by Family Mag
Oink oink!

9. A Fun Way to Teach Table Manners to Kids

Here’s a fun way to teach table manners to kids & free printable for the whole family! From Inspired by Family Mag.

Image shows a compilation of different books for teaching kids manners. Idea from Glue Sticks Gum Drops.
Get some reading in too!

10. 17 Brilliant Books for Teaching Kids Manners

If you’re trying to help your child be more polite, here are 17 brilliant books for teaching kids manners. From Glue Sticks and Gumdrops.

Image shows a pair of hands shaking. Idea from Teach Mama
Good etiquette when playing is so important too.

11. Teach Kids Game Playing Etiquette

If your kids are good at playing games but not skilled at game playing etiquette, this blog post is for you! It will teach them how to behave when playing with other kids. From Teach Mama.

Image shows different paper plates with images of food pasted on it. Idea from Things to Share and Remember
Role playing is fun and educational.

12. Yes Please, No Thank You, Thanksgiving Manners for Kids

Learn how to talk about popular foods on the Thanksgiving menu, sort out favorites and learn how to politely accept or decline servings at dinner. From Things To Share and Remember.

Image shows a young girl smiling on front of a phone. Idea from Digital Mom Blog
Did you know cell phone etiquette exists too?

13. 4 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips To Teach Your Kids Before Giving Them a Phone

Cell phone etiquette for kids is a thing. It may seem silly, but before we give our kids a cell phone, we must teach them how to use it properly. From Digital Mom Blog.

Image shows a little girl screaming, the blog post is about teaching kids to stop interrupting. Idea from Not Consumed
Try this simple trick!

14. How to Teach Your Kids to Stop Interrupting

Do you have a child that relentlessly interrupts you? This simple tip from Not Consumed is sure to help!

Image shows two colored construction papers with hand figures on it to teach kids not to hit. Idea from Rhinestones and Pinecones.
Let’s write what hands are for!

15. Letter of the Week….H is for Hands (and hands are not for hitting!)

Hands are not for hitting is an exciting book to read aloud to kids, and this activity is perfect for teaching kids not to push, grab, hit, and bite. From Rhinestones & Pine Cones.

Image shows an image of hands sharing meal on a table. Idea from Cornerstone Confessions
Try this fun game to learn table etiquette.

16. A Fun Table Manners Game

Table Taboo is a game with only one rule: You disobey the rule, and you could lose your rewards! There are 18 rule cards, so a different rule could be used for 18 meals. From Cornerstone Confessions.

Image shows a printable image on how to set the table. Idea from Education Possible
Download and print this page for teaching proper table etiquette.

17. Teach Kids To Set The Table in 5 Simple Steps

It is never too early to teach kids the proper way to set the table for dinner. Try these 5 simple steps with your kids to help them become table-setting helpers! From Education Possible.

Image shows a kid playing with dominos, the idea is to teach a lesson for kindness. idea from Meaningful Mama
Do you know how the domino effect works with kindness?

18. Object Lesson For Kindness – The Domino Effect

Kids learn through object lessons and hands-on experience. This character-building lesson on kindness provides both! From Meaningful Mama.


Did you try these etiquette activities for youth? Which one did you like most?

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