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Learning different shapes is an important skill for young children to have. That’s why today we are sharing the best ways to learn how to recognize a rectangle shape in a fun way. Enjoy these rectangle shape activities for preschoolers!

Image shows a compilation of rectangle shape activities
Enjoy these rectangle themed activities.

Rectangle Simple Shape Activities For Preschoolers

Shape recognition and learning the names of various shapes help children learn skills in other areas such as math, science, and even reading. A great way is to do it slowly over time and just do specific shapes instead of trying to teach all shapes at the same time. Today, we are sharing four great ideas to learn the rectangle!

These geometric shapes activities are a great opportunity for building a strong foundation that will prepare little learners for school and, at the same time, helps them build their fine motor skills.

The best part is that you can use different everyday life objects to teach about shapes: from paper plates and building blocks t craft sticks and shape mats, there are so many different ways of learning shapes that are so much fun.

Whether you are a preschool teacher looking for some ideas for lesson plans or a parent that wants a shape activity for their young kids, you’re in the right place.

These activities are perfect for 3-year-olds and above, but some are easy enough for younger children too.

Image shows a purple rectangle with text "I am the rectangle" on it. Idea from Rectangle story
Here’s a fun way to learn basic shapes.

1. Shape Story for Kids – Rectangle Story

Stories are always a great start for learning a new subject! This story shared by Nodee Step is a wonderful way to introduce new shapes, and your kids will love it. This activity is also perfect for an emergent reader, thanks to its simple text.

Image shows a rectangle shape printable activity from Clever Learner
We love activity packs like these!

2. Rectangle Shape Worksheet For Preschools

Here is a compilation of free printable worksheets for preschoolers. These fun activities include matching activities, coloring and tracing worksheets, shape names and more! It’s one of our favorite resources for teaching shapes. From Clever Learner.

Image shows a rectangle tracing and coloring activity. From Twisty Noodle
Here are simple rectangle shape pictures.

3. Trace and color the rectangle.

This activity couldn’t be any more simple: just download, print, trace and color the rectangle. Then, have your kiddo practice their reading and writing skills by tracing over the word rectangle. From Twisty Noodle.

Image shows a printable rectangle activity for preschoolers. Idea from Spoken english tips
Looking for another easy way to recognize the rectangle?

4. Rectangle shape activities Free Worksheets Printable for Kindergarten

This rectangle worksheet pack includes all rectangle shapes activities like tracing, coloring, and finding the shapes, great for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Go grab your crayons! From Spoken English Tips.


What was your preschooler’s favorite rectangle shape activity?

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