Unicorn Addition Color By Number Worksheets

These adorably fun color by number addition worksheets are perfect for kindergarteners and elementary school children practicing addition lessons. What is more fun than practicing basic addition math lessons with unicorn color by number addition worksheets? Use these addition color by numbers at home or in the classroom.

unicorn color by number addition coloring pages printed pdf shown with coloring supplies on colorful background
Make learning fun with these unicorn color by number addition coloring pages.

Addition Color By Number Math Worksheet – Easy

We know how important it is to help our little ones practice basic math operations, and that’s exactly why we made this addition unicorn color by number printable! These addition worksheets for kids are a fun way to mix number pages and coloring pages into math fun!

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These addition color by numbers pages work for kindergarteners and first graders and as a fun refresher for 2nd graders. Click pink button to download:

Color by Numbers Set Includes

addition color by number - unicorn sitting on top of a cupcake with the words brown, purple, pink, blue, and orange on there with coordinating numbers 1-6
7 different addition color by numbers solutions make this unicorn colorful.

1. Unicorn Cupcake Addition Coloring By Numbers

What’s cuter than a unicorn sitting playfully on top of a yummy cupcake? Nothing, I think! Add the numbers to find out what colors hide in this coloring page. The addition problems are super simple! They are addition math problems like:

And more! Simple, but challenging enough for kids just learning how to add.

addition color by number with a unicorn frolicking in the grass with clouds
Practicing addition is so much fun with unicorn color by addition pages.

2. Running Unicorn Addition Coloring By Number

In the second coloring page, help your children add the numbers to give color to this unicorn running in a grass field! Some of these addition problems are a lot bigger!

Download Addition Color By Number Worksheet PDF File Here:

How To Use This Fun Addition Color By Number Worksheet

  1. Download and print the worksheets
  2. Add the numbers to find the answers
  3. Color the pages according to the legend
addition color by number with a unicorn frolicking in the grass with clouds surrounded by pastel colors of blue, pink, white, purple, yellow, and markers of purple, green, pink, orange, and yellow
Color by Number worksheets are super fun!

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How did your kids do with these addition color by number worksheets? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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