Valentines Day Math Worksheets {Free Kids Printables}

Let’s do some simple addition and subtraction with these sweet Valentines Day Math Worksheets! Math worksheets should never be dull so I just know your kids are going to enjoy these! These free printable Valentines math worksheets are great for kids of all ages like preschoolers and kindergarten kids, even first graders. Whether you’re at home or in the classroom these Valentines math worksheets.

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These printable math worksheets are not only festive and fun, but educational as well.

Free Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets

Having a date on Valentine’s day is always fun so why not have a date with math? I mean you can always count on math!

And I promise it will be a fun date! But let’s get serious for a second there – I really think your kids will enjoy these addition and subtraction worksheets.

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5 Math Worksheets For Valentine's Day adding and subtracting- Valentines Day Math Worksheets Free Kids Printable- Kids Activities Blog
Download our free printable Valentine Math Worksheets PDF

The Valentines Worksheets set includes

  • 1 color by numbers page.
  • 1 page where kids have to connect the kids with the heart balloons.
  • 1 page with addition equations in hearts.
  • 1 page  where kids have to fix the broken hearts by solving math problems.
  • 1 page with super simple heart addition.

Download These Free Printable Valentines Math Worksheet PDF FIles here:

1. Addition and Subtraction Color By Number

Color by number Valentines Day addition and subtraction math worksheet
Practice math and fine motor skills with these addition and subtraction coloring sheets.

Work on addition and subtraction as well as fine motor skills and colors with these coloring math worksheets. These are perfect for elementary aged kids.

2. Connect The Heart To The Right Answer Math Sheet

Connect the heart math valentine worksheets with addition and subtraction
Can you match all the balloons to the right kid?

Can you match the balloons to the right math problem? This is such a fun problem solving game for kids and a great way to practice addition and subtraction in a fun manner.

3. Addition Equations In Hearts Worksheets

Easy Addition and subtraction heart valentines day worksheets with number tracing
Add all the hearts up and then trace the right number!

Practice your fine motor skills and numbers by tracing the right answer to each heart addition equation! How many hearts are there?

4. Fix The Broken Hearts Math Problems Worksheet

Fix the broken heart math worksheet with addition and subtraction with answers
Can you fix all the broken hearts?

Do all the addition problems and the subtraction math problems and draw a line between the equation and answer to fix all the broken hearts!

5. Super Simple Heart Addition Worksheet

Super simple valentines worksheet math printables with hearts with addition equations
Add up all the numbers in the hearts!

This super simple Valentines math worksheet is so much fun! Add all the numbers, and once you write it in pencil, then write it in pen and then color the hearts!


Color and work on your festive Valentine math worksheet with these writing and coloring supplies:

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How did your kids like these Valentines math worksheets? Did they have fun?

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