You Can Buy a Giant Outdoor Seesaw Rocker & Your Kids Need One

If you are looking for backyard fun, we are loving the giant seesaw rocker that fits more than one kid at a time. In fact, the HearthSong Wonderwave Giant Seesaw Rocker Rocking Toy might be the coolest idea we’ve seen.

HearthSong WonderWave Outdoor Rocking Seesaw with kids riding on it in a large backyard
What fun can be had on a seesaw rocker in the backyard!

Giant SeeSaw Rocker

It’s amazing in its simplicity–a giant saddle shaped rocker that can hold multiple children at the same time.  Use it as a seesaw or rocking chair or with imagination, anything else your child can dream of.

It even makes an awesome hammock for the lazy days when they just want to curl up and read.

seesaw rocker as a hammock with kids sleeping and resting
Take a nap in the seesaw rocker!

Fully expanded, the HearthSong Wonderwave Giant Seesaw Rocker Rocking Toy is approximately 8 feet by 8 feet and can hold up to 500 pounds. 

It is recommended for up to four children to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.

giant seesaw rocker in backyard with kids playing
Let’s rock on the seesaw!

The HearthSong Wonderwave Giant Seesaw Rocker Rocking Toy is made of cushioned, ultra-durable polypropylene for comfort and the outer rim consists of thick foam padding and handles for kids to hold on to for the ride.

Seesaw rocker folded up for storage
The giant seesaw rocker folds for storage.

A fun backyard is definitely a must-have for kids to keep them active and entertained, and the HearthSong Wonderwave Giant Seesaw Rocker Rocking Toy looks like the perfect addition to the outdoor toy options. 

You can get your own on the HearthSong website for $249.

From Amazon

If that price for a seesaw toy is too large…hey, it is a little steep…then we found some fun alternatives to keep kids rocking and rolling with laughter.

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Do you have a backyard seesaw?

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