Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! One of my favorite traditions is sending and receiving holiday cards. I love seeing memories from friends and family throughout the years, and I keep all the cards sent to our family on a ring with a hole punched so we can reminisce each year! My family also displays the current year’s cards we receive using clothespins on our “fun” tree with all the ornaments we collect. I love looking at them throughout the season.

It’s easier to purchase and send a holiday card since you can do it all online now. There are traditional-style cards as well as more whimsical styles to choose from. Select the photo or photos you will use for your card and choose one from there. Many can be mailed directly from the company to your recipients for you. I did this last year; it was so convenient, and I’ll be doing it again this year. Here, I’m sharing my favorite holiday cards for this upcoming season!

22 of Our Favorite Holiday Cards


1. Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin holiday card on Minted

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This winter cabin card includes trees and animals. I especially love the blue colorway, but it comes in five other colors you can choose from. The design on this card makes some of the objects almost look 3D! Since the messaging is winter neutral, you could send this all season long.

2. Corner Scripted

Corner scripted holiday card from Minted

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This simple design packs a punch with real foil lettering! Choose from 10 colors of foil and six background colors. This would be such a stunning card personalized with your family photo.

3. Chic Plaid

Chic Plaid holiday card from Minted

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Here’s another card that includes gorgeous foil, except this time, it is included in the plaid design. Plaid is always such a classic holiday option. Choose from different color themes and foil colors to make it your own.

4. Big Energy

Big Energy holiday card from Minted

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This is a fun option with the message: “big holiday energy!” You can also choose for it to say “nice list energy” or “new year energy” if you would prefer. I think a precious pajama shot of your kids or family would fit perfectly on this card. Choose from six color schemes.

5. Many Merry Moments

Many Merry Moments holiday card from Minted

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If you’re like me and typically can’t choose one favorite photo because you have too many, this might be the card for you! It allows you to include lots of photos which I love. I also like the simplistic black-and-white design, but you can also choose from holiday colors.


6. Earthy Fold Holiday Card

Earthy Fold holiday card from Tinyprints

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This is such a neat design. It’s a tri-fold card with three colored sections. It is double-sided with room for text and multiple pictures. I love the earthy color scheme. This card is sure to stand out from the crowd.

7. Happy Merry Everything Holiday Card

Happy Merry Everything card from Tinyprints

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I love this fun text design on this holiday card. I think the purple and red combination differs from what you usually receive. There is also traditional green and a neutral background. You can choose a pattern for the back of the card or add more photos too.

8. Festive Bunting Holiday Card

Festive Bunting holiday card from Tinyprints

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Choose from “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” for this festive bunting card. The simple black lettering really allows your photo to shine. The back has an option for a pattern or to add more photos.

9. Staggered Serif Holiday Card

Staggered Serif holiday card from Tinyprints

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These bright and cheery colors are so sweet. You can choose from a holiday or Christmas message. This card will be perfect if you have three photos to showcase.


10. Watercolor Blue Bow Wreath Photo Card

Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

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This card is stunning. The blue watercolor throughout and the gorgeous wreath with a family’s initial added makes a beautiful holiday card. You can customize the text to whatever fits best for you.

11. Pastel Color Gradient Joy Card

Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

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How fun is this eye-catching card full of color?! The background has gradient pastel colors for a merry look. It also has actual foil letters spelling out “joy.” It would be the perfect place to show off your favorite family photo!

12. Joy Peace Love Holiday Card

Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

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Beautiful real gold foil letters are the focal point of this holiday card. I love the message “Joy, Peace, Love.” You can include your favorite horizontal family photo for the perfect card.

13. Elegant Floral Arch Card

Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

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This is an elegant option for a holiday card. The floral arch design is gorgeous, and this foldable card allows you to add another photo and messaging inside.


14. Woodland Frame Holiday Card

Woodland Frame holiday card from Shutterfly

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This gorgeous rustic brown and white pattern is perfect for winter. The woodland theme continues throughout the card with animals and nature. You can choose a design or photo with extra messaging for the back of the card for free.

15. Elegant Nutcracker Christmas Card

Elegant Nutcracker Christmas card from Shutterfly

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I collect nutcrackers, so this card is a personal favorite of mine. I love these colors together. You can add your favorite vertical family photo for an elegant holiday card.

16. Argyle Winter Holiday Card

Argyle Winter holiday card from Shutterfly

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This is a great holiday card option to wish friends and family a Happy Hanukkah! The argyle sweater background is so fun. I love the blue and white color combination as well.

17. Joyously Jolly Christmas Card

Joyously Jolly Christmas card from Shutterfly

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This is such a fun and whimsical holiday card option. These bright colors look great together. And if you have more than one image you would like to share, you can choose five photos to include on this card.

18. Simply Stripes Holiday Card

Simply Stripes holiday card from Shutterfly

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Red and green plus stripes are always a winning holiday combination. It is perfect for featuring your favorite family photo. I think it would look so cute with a matching pajama shot.

Paper Culture

19. Glimpse of Joy Card

Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

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I love this uniquely designed holiday card! Your photo becomes part of the primary messaging for the card spelling out “Joy!” You can also include two more pictures and an extended message on the back of the card.

20. Hanging Wreath Card

Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2022

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This is a stunning way to announce a recent move this holiday season! This hanging wreath card is perfect for delivering your news to all your family and friends. The back of the card allows you to add extra photos and has a spot for your new address.

Artifact Uprising

21. Multi-image Vertical Holiday Card

Multi-image Vertical holiday card from Artifact Uprising

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This is a more generic holiday card that you could send anytime in the season and through January. I love the simple “Cheers” messaging. You can include nine photos on the front alone, and there’s an option for more on the back.

22. Cursive Colorblock Holiday Card

Cursive Colorblock holiday card from Artifact Uprising

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Sometimes the holiday card doesn’t happen until close to the New Year. This is the perfect card for the occasion. Include multiple extra photos and messaging on the back if desired.

Don’t forget that when choosing your holiday card, many companies will do the hard work for you. They will address, stamp, and even mail your cards without you ever lifting a finger. I chose to do this last year, which was worth the extra cost. It was so easy I don’t think I’ll ever return to sending them on my own. I hope you have fun finding and choosing a card that fits your family. Happy holidays!

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