5 Christmas Tree Hacks For The Festive Season

Christmas / 29 November, 2023 / Christina Walter

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than with a beautifully adorned Christmas tree? This year, elevate your Christmas tree game with some nifty Christmas tree hacks that will not only save you time and effort but also make your tree look magical!

Separate the branches

Once your tree is set up, take a few extra minutes to separate and fluff up the branches. This simple Christmas tree hack can transform a seemingly sparse tree into a Christmas masterpiece. Focus on spreading the branches outwards and upwards to create a more natural and voluminous appearance.

Do the tinsel trick

Tinsel isn’t just for wrapping around the tree; they can be the ultimate hack for adding depth. Instead of draping tinsel only on the outer edges, weave it through the branches towards the trunk. This not only creates a cascading effect but also gives the illusion of a tree with layers, instantly making it look fuller.

Make your own tree topper

Get creative with your tree topper! Engage your little ones in crafting a unique DIY tree topper that adds a personal touch to your holiday decor. From homemade angels to paper stars, the possibilities are endless. This Christmas tree hack not only makes your tree stand out but also can become a family tradition.

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Organise the ornaments

Keep things simple by strategically placing heavier ornaments towards the bottom and lighter ones towards the top. This ensures a balanced distribution, preventing your tree from looking lopsided and making it more kid-friendly by keeping fragile decorations out of reach.

Have a storage solution

The end of the holiday season doesn’t have to be a daunting task of dismantling and storing your tree. Invest in a tree storage bag or box to keep it protected and tangle-free. To avoid the post-Christmas chaos, consider labelling your ornaments and decorations. This not only makes next year’s decorating a breeze but also ensures that sentimental items are handled with care.

Made from durable polyester with a PVC coating, this Christmas Tree Storage Bag from Very is the perfect way to eliminate the stress of taping a dusty cardboard box back together when putting your winter wonderland back into storage. A zip makes it easy to open and close, while sturdy handles mean you can lift and carry it around.

The bottom of the bag has been reinforced and it has a handle to one end too, so it’ll easily stand up to being pulled out of the loft year after year.

This holiday season, let these Christmas tree hacks be your secret weapons in creating a magical, stress-free, and visually stunning centrepiece for your family festivities. After all, the joy of Christmas lies not just in the presents under the tree but in the memories created around it. Happy decorating!




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