A Dad-To-Be Is Being Dragged After Making His Wife Cry When He Laughed At Her Baby Name Choice

Picking out a baby name is one of the most important and pressure-filled decisions any parent-to-be makes makes when having a child. Some couples even keep their decided baby names a secret until after the child is born to avoid unwanted opinions from relatives and friends that may sway their choice.

And while it’s unusual for a wife to keep a chosen baby name a secret from her husband, for one wife, that may have been better than the alternative.

A dad-to-be posted in the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit after he made his wife cry for laughing in her face when she revealed her choice of name for their unborn child. Needless to say, she had many defenders.

The soon-to-be dad shared that his wife is due to give birth in two weeks. After having little to nothing to do with the baby-naming process (claiming that she deserves the right to name the child since she did all the work), he trusted that his wife would pick something “at least normal.”

“Yesterday, we were in bed together, talking about our baby. All of a sudden she jumps up excited with a huge smile on her face,” he shared on the Reddit post. “She told me to stay on the bed because she had a surprise for me.”

His wife then pulled out a box decorated with ribbon and bows, handed it to him and asked him to open it.

“I opened it and inside was a blue onesie with the name ‘Bartholomew’ in cursive stitched on the middle,” continued his post. “I asked her what it meant and she said ‘surprise!! That’s going to be his name.’”

Even though he knew that his wife was 100% serious with her choice and was elated to share the news, he decided to laugh to the point of tears right in her face anyway.

“I honestly could not believe she was going to name our son that. What the hell kind of name is ‘bartholomew’????”

After noticing she was extremely upset, he tried talking to her and found out she wanted to name their son after her grandfather whom she was very close to.

He then still proceeded to caution her that the name was “outdated” and to reconsider. Unsurprisingly, this sent her over the edge, prompting her to leave their home and go stay with her mom.

Even still, he’s tripling down on the fact that he thinks Bartholomew is a horrible name.

“I’ll probably just apologize, but there is no way in hell I’m calling my son by that outrageous name,” he wrote.

After going viral with over 10k upvotes and 6k comments, Reddit users weighed in on whether or not this guy was an a—hole or kind of right about the name being outdated.

Several people commented that he was not in the wrong for voicing his strong opinion because naming a child should be something that parents do together.

“This is a decision that requires TWO yeses, not something where one person can just pick because it’s really unfair to have one person love the name and the other person detest what their child is called,” one user wrote.

However, others were quick to point out that he had already agreed to give her carte blanche when it came to naming their child. “OP already promised her that she gets to pick the name, so he would be TA to go back on that promise now, 2 weeks from her due date,” one wrote.

Another user pointed out that he was definitely in the wrong, especially after doubling down when she revealed that Bartholomew was a family name.

“It’s her grandfather’s name, who she loved. It doesn’t make her an AH for wanting her child to have a family name. Even if it’s one you don’t like,” one explained.

Also, why doesn’t this guy already know his wife’s grandfather’s name?

Others noted that the name his dad was up in arms about wasn’t even that out of pocket.

“LOL, has OP seriously never met anyone named Bart?” one person wrote.

Several Reddit users noted that the OP might not be an a—hole for having an opinion on the name of his future son, but he definitely was for how he went about letting his pregnant wife know that he didn’t like it.

“[He] could have put the brakes on in a calm matter and discussed it like an adult if he really wanted to break his promise. But no, he made her feel like shit, and THAT is the real a—hole move,” they wrote.

With several abbreviations for a name like Bartholomew (Bartie is so cutie!), it seems like these two could come up with some sort of compromise. However, in the meantime, I’m #teamwife.

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