A Nanny Offered Her Services In Exchange For A Taylor Swift Ticket

Whether you’re a Taylor Swift fan or not, mostly everyone heard about The Great War that was trying to get concert tickets for The Eras Tour. So many Swifities came up empty handed when Ticketmaster totally fumbled the ball and resellers ended up snagging thousands of tickets meant for true fans — all the while jacking up prices thousands of dollars for nosebleed seats.

Due to the total lack of reasonably priced tickets, several Taylor Swift fans worked to come up with alternative ways to see their favorite performer live. Some fans applied for jobs at their local stadium while others stood outside for hours into the show, hoping tickets would drop.

One Colorado woman’s creativity cannot be matched, though. She reached out in a local nanny share Facebook group offering to take the kids of parents who just did not want to go, all just in exchange for a ticket to the show.

“Are you a parent being dragged to the Taylor Swift concert in Denver?” Julia Moose wrote in a local Colorado nanny share Facebook group. “Are you a parent begrudgingly taking your mini swifties to the concert? I have the perfect solution… I will babysit your kids!”

While seeing Taylor Swift is a life-altering, magical, perfect experience (IMHO), some parents don’t want to deal with getting there several hours early, waiting in hours-long merchandise lines, and sitting in the parking lot after the show until 2 a.m., waiting out the traffic.

Julia’s brilliant hustle plays at this aspect of a parent who loves their kids but not Swift.


“I have the perfect solution… I will babysit your kids! I’ll take them through the hours of merch lines, deal with parking and traffic, share my Swiftie knowledge with them, help them trade friendship bracelets, scream with them through every song, and take tons of pictures and videos of them enjoying the show so you don’t miss out. All of this simply in exchange for your ticket.”

Moose, who refers to herself as “professional swiftie of 17 years,” is also a skilled nanny who has experience with kids of all ages.

Since The Eras Tour began, “Swiftie Dads” have taken center stage, begrudgingly (at first) taking their kids to see Swift, but over time, seeing the genius of Swift’s performance and ending up having a great time. These dads dress up to the nines with their kids, know all the words to Swift’s songs, and have just as great of a time as the kids do.

But for those not lucky enough to inherit a Swiftie dad, Moose has you covered, ready to take on all Swiftie Nanny responsibilities.

After her post gained some traction, one TikTok creator took notice and praised Moose’s ingenuity.

“This is just insane, like the dedication of Taylor Swift’s fans is like, unmatched. I really hope someone that takes her up on offer but I’ve just literally never seen anything like that,” they said.

Turns out, in the end, Moose got to attend the Eras tour after all. However, it hasn’t not been confirmed if she attended as a nanny or scored last minute tickets to one of the Denver shows.

“Thank you everyone for the support and for those that reached out to help! I did end up going to the show and had a magical time,” she wrote in an update on the original post.

Leave it to a mastermind Swiftie to come up with this brilliant hustle!

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