Dr Emma Svanberg Perfect Parent Interview

Children’s Health / 3 April, 2023 / Ellie Thompson

My Baba’s editor Ellie Thompson welcomes ‘mumologist’ and clinical psychologist Dr. Emma Svanberg to the show to celebrate the launch of her new book Parenting for Humans. Ellie quizzes Emma on many topics, from how our childhoods dictate our parenting styles, how best to resolve conflict within family relationships and whether it’s possible to be the perfect parent.

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About Dr. Emma Svanberg

Dr. Emma Svanberg, aka Mumologist, is an award-winning clinical psychologist, speaker and campaigner with expertise in attachment and perinatal psychology. She has two decades of experience working with parents, parents-to-be, caregivers and professionals supporting parents. Emma has psychology in her veins – her father was a pioneering psychologist who set up one of the first infant mental health projects in the UK.

Her early career enabled her to work with parents from diverse communities and helped her to see the complex interplay of different factors – cultural, racial, and socioeconomic – that lead parents to struggle with their mental health. Her own experience as a mixed-race child with mixed-race children of her own, has left her particularly keen to explore the different influences on our parenting.

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