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These cone Christmas trees are super simply to make.  Hopefully they’ll also be sturdy enough to last being put in storage so that they can be reused year after year.

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To make your own cone Christmas trees you will need:

  • A cone*
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Things to decorate it with

*I got our cones from Hobbycraft but they are easy to find on amazon too.

Paint your tree and leave it to dry.  We used a hairdryer on ours to speed up the process.

cone christmas trees

Then add your all your decorations.  We used a glue gun to stick the decorations on because its quicker than waiting for PVA glue to dry, plus the pompoms and jewels that BB used would most likely have dropped off before the glue dried as they were rather heavy.

I made origami stars to decorate mine.  They are really easy to make, you just need a long thin piece of paper to make them.  If you fancy trying some, check out this short YouTube video on how to make them. You do need to make a lot though to cover the whole tree.

If you liked making these cone Christmas trees, be sure to check out my straw Christmas tree and felt Christmas tree activity.

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Easy cone christmas trees decoration

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