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I have done a few weaving activities in the past, this time we have taken our weaving outside and have done some flower weaving.

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To do your own flower weaving you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Flowers/grass/leaves

To create your loom, you need to mark the top and bottom sides every inch, again you can make more marks by having a smaller distance between them.

Make a small cut at each of these marks, this will keep the string in place.

flower weaving

To make the warp (the vertical strings) take a length of string and tape the end to the bottom corner.  Run the wool through the first slit that you made by that corner, the string should now be at the front of the loom. Run it down to the slit at the bottle of the loom.  Next pass it round the back and up to the slit next to the one that you started at.  Keep going until you get to the end.  Tie off the string to one of the bits running down.

When your loom is ready go out and collect all the bits of grass/flowers etc that you will need for your flower weaving.  PLEASE be careful about what you are picking.  While some plants will be okay, the sap of other plants can cause major skin irritation.  This especially true when it comes to giant hogweed, which is often mistaken for cow parsley.

Weave your plants through your loom.  I added the flowers afterwards, as not all of them had big enough stems to weave all the way through.

If you enjoyed doing this flower weaving be sure to check out my nature table, bee water station, and cardboard box oven.

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Use the flowers and things that you pick to do some flower weaving. Kids craft

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