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Leonora welcomes Probio7’s Nutrition Expert Rebecca Traylen to the podcast to discuss gut health.

“I could talk about gut health until the cows come home, so speaking with Rebecca was an absolute pleasure this morning. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the gut microbiome and agrees about the importance of the first thousand days. If you’re looking for a probiotic for anyone in the family, this podcast is for you.

“We discuss everything surrounding the topic of gut health, from when to start taking a probiotic and how often, to the development of an infant’s gut and allergies, including whether allergies can be grown out of. We touch on eczema, colic and reflux and round off with the importance of moderation when it comes to nutrition and processed food. My takeaway buzzwords from this podcast episode are ‘diversity’ and ‘variety’.” – Leonora Bamford.

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About Rebecca Traylen

Rebecca started her journey at the University of Nottingham studying Biology, where she became fascinated in the relationship between diet, health and disease. This led her to study a masters in Nutrition at the University of Surrey.

Since studying at Surrey, Rebecca is head of nutrition for Probio7 and is keen to raise awareness of the importance of gut health and how our resident bacteria can affect our health and well-being!

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