Healthybaby’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Event Is Seriously *So* Good

You know that choosing eco-friendly products is good for your family and good for the earth. But knowing exactly what products live up to their eco-friendly name is where it can get a little confusing. In fact, brands use terms like ‘all-natural,’ ‘clean,’ and ‘green’ pretty loosely — even when their products are far from it. So if you’re looking for actually clean products for the whole family, you can rest assured that Healthybaby is the real deal — backing up its claims with products like the first EWG-verified diapers, 100% plant-based baby wipes, and refillable bath and cleaning products that help reduce plastic waste. And there’s no better time to stock up on these mom-approved products than during Healthybaby’s super-saving Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales where you can score 25% off your purchase.

Before we dive into why parents are loving Healthybaby (and the products we have an eye on ourselves!) don’t forget to add these dates to your calendar so you don’t miss out on Healthybaby’s only sales event of the year.

Everything You Need To Know About Healthybaby’s Black Friday Sales Event

For the newly initiated, Healthybaby has built a reputation for offering the safest pregnancy, postpartum, and baby essentials around, and the brand’s organic diapers have won over parents for being ultra-soft, sensory-friendly, absorbent, and sustainably packaged.

Healthybaby offers a subscription service for bundled savings but it doesn’t usually run promotions — which is why this Black Friday sales event is such a big deal. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • If you’re a Healthybaby member you’ll be able to access the deals early. Subscribers can save 25% off site-wide starting Sunday, November 20, through Monday, November 21.
  • For everyone else, the Black Friday deals start Tuesday, November 22, and run through Sunday, November 27. You can score 25% off everything on the site — that’s right, everything. And, there’s even a chance to get free shipping: If you shop anytime between Black Friday (November 25) and November 27.

Healthybaby Cyber Monday Deals

If you miss out on the Black Friday shopping spree, there’s still chances to save with Healthybaby’s Cyber Monday deals.

Starting Monday, November 28, through Tuesday, November 29, you’ll still be able to nab that impressive 25% off site-wide deal plus free shipping. And trust us, there are so many things you’ll want to stock up, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a fellow mother.

Must-Try Healthybaby Products

1. This Truly Eco-Friendly Diaper & Wipe Bundle

Environmental Working Group (EWG) verification isn’t easy to come by. Products must meet strict health and ingredient criteria, ultimately ensuring that all products are free from harmful chemicals. Healthybaby created the first-ever diapers to meet these standards — with organic cotton and plant-based materials that are ultra-soft and absorbent. Plus, the chlorine-free diapers offer reliable leak protection.

Healthybaby’s Our Monthly Diaper Bundle comes with at least 150 diapers (more, depending on size) with the option to add four packs of baby wipes that match the diaper standards. The plant-based wipes are larger than most baby wipes, and are formulated with skin-soothing ingredients. You can make a one-time purchase or sign up for an easy-to-modify subscription to have it all delivered to your door so you’ll never run out.

Shopper Review: “I am obsessed with these diapers!! They have great absorbency and I’ve never had a leak with my 14 month old boy. I can sleep well knowing that these are made with the best ingredients and do not irritate my sons eczema like others do.”

2. Some Customized Prenatal Supplements For Every Trimester

Moms, remember: Self-care is essential. Sure, an uninterrupted Netflix sesh can go a long way but supporting your nutritional needs is just as important, especially when trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy. Healthybaby founder Shazi Visram developed the Our Prenatal Supplement System — alongside the Neurological Health Foundation — to bring moms a comprehensive prenatal regimen that’s customized by trimester (including the sometimes-neglected but oh-so-important 4th trimester that supports a breastfeeding baby’s development too).

Healthybaby prenatal supplements are formulated with 27 essential and bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and DHA, at levels customized by trimester to uniquely support each developmental stage.

Shopper Review: “Love the results after a months use! I’ve been exclusively purchasing vitamins from another clean brand for over 6 years but am now switching to healthy baby for my postnatal! Over a month of use I’ve not only noticed an improvement in my skin, nails and hair but also my general mood.”

3. This Nontoxic Laundry Care System

Laundry is nobody’s favorite chore but Healthybaby’s Our Laundry Concentrate System just made it better by bringing families an ultra-concentrated formula that’s both safe, effective, and sustainably packaged. Made with 100% plant- and mineral-based ingredients, one pump bottle can tackle up to 170 loads.

And you’ll find no chemical-laden dryer sheets in this bundle. Instead, Healthybaby includes 3 wool dryer balls that help soften clothes while preventing clumping by separating fabric in the dry cycle.

Shopper Review: “I love the mild fragrance compared to other brands. Cleans the whole family’s laundry, not just baby’s. For bigger stains I squirt extra directly on the clothing and let it sit in a little bit of water for 10 minutes before loading.”

4. This Probiotic 2-In-1 Shampoo & Body Wash

Healthybaby’s 2-in-1 foaming shampoo and body wash is ideal for sensitive skin — even the most delicate newborn baby skin. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, including botanicals and probiotics to support skin’s natural microbiome. Each 34-ounce bottle is equivalent to 200 bath times and reviewers say it’s “tear-free.” Now that’s a lot of happy, clean babies, although this wash is so good, the whole family will probably end up using it. Good thing the system also includes two stainless steel bottles — one for baby, one for you.

Shopper Review: “Love this product. I have been using this product for over a year and my 2 toddlers love it too. Doesn’t burn or hurt their eyes and what I like the most are the clean ingredients.”

Why Parents Love Healthbaby

Shazi Visram, mompreneur and founder of Healthybaby, has been a leader in improving children’s health for nearly two decades (she founded Happy Family Organics baby food in 2003). She even earned a shoutout from President Barack Obama himself for her business acumen and inspiring leadership. But Visram’s lifework culminated with the launch of Healthybaby, a company on a mission to protect and enrich every child’s fullest developmental potential with clean, research-backed products. The brand’s standout product, of course, is the first EWG-verifired diaper, but today Healthybaby offers everything from baby care to home cleaning products that are truly safe, nontoxic, and eco-friendly.

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