Hugh Grant Shared His Ruthless Opinion On ‘Love Actually’

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the fan-favorite holiday film, Love Actually. The film, which follows multiple storylines of people going through the high emotions of love, loss, and friendship during the Christmas season, has stolen the hearts of millions.

Hugh Grant, who played Great Britain’s shy and handsome prime minister in the film, offered fans his unfiltered and brutal thoughts on the film, which was first released in 2003.

Joined by his Wonka co-star Timothée Chalamet, a now-viral clip is circulating TikTok of the two being interviewed by Movie Maniacs. When the topic of the classic film was brought up, the 63-year-old English actor seemed less than thrilled by Chalamet’s suggestion Love Actually was one of the “best Christmas movies of all time.”

“If it comes on in your house, what is your reaction to it?” the interviewer asks Grant.

He pauses to think for a moment before directing the conversation about the film to his co-star.

“Well, um, I like Colin’s bits. Colin Firth’s story,” he admits. “I’ve skipped through the rest of it, really. Which is weird, because I hate Colin and I want nothing but bad for his career. But I do think that’s the best part of that film.

In the film, Firth plays a struggling novelist named Jamie who is heartbroken after catching his wife in bed with his own brother. He decides to hole up in a house in his French cottage where where he meets Portuguese housekeeper Aurélia. She does not speak English. However, despite not sharing a common language, they share a mutual attraction and fall in love.

Grant’s hot take isn’t exactly wrong here. In fact, several social media users sided with the actor.

“He’s actually right. the film hasn’t stood the test of time but that one storyline is the best,” one user wrote.

“Best Christmas film of all time 😂,” a second quipped.

“It’s great to see Hugh Grant being honest,” someone else shared.

Another noted, “Colin’s parts were going to be their own movie, and that’s why it works so well!!”

There are mutterings of this little known fact being true.

“This film is my Pulp Fiction. I love multiple storylines, but I soon realized how tricky they are,” Love Actually director and screenwriter, Richard Curtis said in 2013, during the 10th anniversary of the film.

“At first, we had 14 different love stories, but the result was too long, so four ended up going, including two we’d actually shot.”

According to Salon, Curtis initially began writing with two distinct films in mind. The first featured Hugh Grant and the other featured Colin Firth. The films featured expanded versions of what would become actual storylines in Love Actually, so when Curtis became frustrated with both projects, he meshed the storylines into one cohesive film.

Grant has opened up about not loving his parts of Love Actually before. Last year, around this same time, he admitted in an interview with ABC that he can’t stand the scene in the movie where the Prime Minister dances. Like, at all.

“I saw it in the script and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll hate doing that’. I didn’t fancy doing the dance at all, let alone rehearsing it,” Grant said. “To this day, there’s many people, and I agree with them, who think it’s the most excruciating scene ever committed to celluloid. Then some people like it. But I will give myself this credit… it was my idea to have that secretary lady catch me. Genius.”

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