I Taste Tested These Liquid Multivitamins The Whole Family Can Use

Taking your daily vitamins (and getting your kids to) can be a pain — because those huge pills are literally hard to swallow and chewables tend to taste gross, too. MaryRuth’s liquid vitamins in fruity flavors might be just the thing you (and your kids) will actually look forward to taking. Some are designed for day, others for night, but they all can be enjoyed alone or mixed into mocktails (see recipes below) to make supporting your health goals a treat. There’s even one designed to give your immune system a boost and one to support hair and skin health. I tried them all out — and yes, they do actually taste good.

All of the liquid vitamins are vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten, sugar, and dairy. Plus, they’re Clean Label Project-certified, meaning they’ve been independently third-party tested for 200-plus industrial environmental contaminants and toxins.

The entire line of liquid multivitamins contains a mix of minerals, amino acids, and essential vitamins for overall health. There are also specific formulations targeted for different needs, including hair and skin health, improved sleep, and boosted immunity.

Plus, these are all available on Amazon for easy shopping. As with any supplement, be sure to speak to your or your child’s doctor before adding them to your diet (or your child’s).

1. A Daily Multivitamin For The Whole Family

Formulated for the entire family (even kids over 1 year old), this morning vitamin is packed with minerals, amino acids, and essential vitamins to kick off your day. It’s designed to support your overall health, and it may help with energy levels and boosting the immune system.

As soon as I opened the bottle, the raspberry smell was fresh and fruity — no medicinal notes here. While you can certainly drink your recommended amount on its own (the dosage is dependent on age), you can also add it to water or a smoothie. You can also try this raspberry lemon-lime twist mocktail recipe or raspberry multivitamin spritzer mocktail, both of which feature this liquid multivitamin.

What fans are saying: “It’s been a game-changer for my whole family. […] The pleasant smell, high-quality ingredients, positive effects on hair, gentle impact on the stomach, improved sleep, and enhanced performance make it a standout product. It’s been a valuable addition to our daily supplement routine, benefiting our entire family.” -SimplyMamaJulz

2. This Nighttime Blend That Promotes Sleep & Relaxation

Combining vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including vitamins D3 and C, magnesium, zinc, and copper, this nighttime vitamin is meant to support sleep, healthy stress levels, and relaxation as a whole — and it does so without melatonin. Magnesium for one, is associated with helping you sleep better and longer.

This pick is intended for anyone ages one and up. The coconut flavor tastes like a tropical vacation, and it would mix well with juice or water. Looking for inspo? The golden slumber elixir and coconut dream fiZZZ mocktails incorporate it for a special pre-snooze treat.

This nighttime vitamin also comes in a sugar-free pineapple dream flavor which was my favorite of the bunch. It smells like a pina colada and tastes refreshing and sweet. Drink it alone or turn it into a pineapple dream mint mojito mocktail or pina colada paradise mocktail.

What fans are saying: “The whole family takes it and we absolutely love it. It truly works wonders with relaxation at night and helping with sleep. Highly recommend!” -Nico and Ashley Smith

3. A Multivitamin Designed For Hair & Skin Health

This morning multivitamin is formulated to help with hair growth and thickness thanks to an ingredient called Lustriva (plus a sizable amount of biotin). One study found that Lustriva “increased hair thickness and reduced wrinkles” compared to a placebo. Plus, this liquid vitamin is designed to make your skin glow and improve its texture.

The peach and mango flavor smells and tastes like a good balance of these two fruits. Drink it on an empty stomach or with food or juice. You can also use it to whip up this spicy peach mango mocktail or peach mango splash mocktail. This pick is recommended for ages 18-plus.

What fans are saying: “I was skeptical but wow, within a week of taking this I started to notice my eyelashes grew and my skin is so smooth. I’ve been getting tons of compliments on my hair and skin […] I’ve just finished my first bottle and about to start my second! So happy I found this vitamin. I don’t need to swallow nasty pills, just half shot of this deliciousness every morning!” -Jessy Chang

4. This Multivitamin That Features Elderberry For Immune Support

Feel like you and your family are always getting sick? Check out this morning multivitamin with immune-supporting elderberry. In fact, one study suggests that this ingredient creates a “significant reduction of cold duration and severity.” It also features a range of other vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals for overall health.

The strawberry flavor is sweet, but not overpowering — your entire family (including kids ages 1 and up) will enjoy drinking it every morning. For an added treat, try making this tropical sunrise punch mocktail or a strawberry vita-pink drink mocktail.

What fans are saying: “I started taking this about 6 weeks ago and it has changed everything. I no longer drink coffee all day long and i have more energy than i have in years. I wake up feeling GREAT. Its flu season and i havent had any issues – not even a stuffy nose. I also feel like im recovering better after workouts. The ingredient list is impressive in itself. I felt like the price tag was 100% worth it that there were no fillers, no added sugar and the ingredients were top notch. This is an essential for my everyday now.” -Courtney E.

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