Man Throws Epic Tantrum Over A Baby Crying On A Plane

Kid-related airplane etiquette has been all over the news recently. Pro-ball player Anthony Bass has been making headlines this week for getting upset that his wife was asked to clean up after her children on a flight, while President Biden has spoken out about unfair airline practices that separate parents from minor kids.

But the all-time MVP of kid-related airline issues has always been and will always be the crying baby.

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Yes, it is absolutely terrible to listen to a wailing baby while trapped on a plane. But no, there is basically nothing you — or the baby’s parents or guardians — can do about it. It’s a fact of life. It’s a necessary part of the universe. It’s like shaking your first in the face of death: it accomplishes nothing!

But still. Some people still get big angry about it. Let’s take this guy for example.

This week, a Southwest Airlines flight headed to Florida got stuck in a holding pattern due to weather — and during the delay a baby started crying. If that wasn’t bad enough, a fellow passenger couldn’t take it anymore and exploded.

The guy shooting the now-viral video was amused, but the guy upset about the baby definitely wasn’t.

“I paid for a ticket too, and that child has been crying for 40 minutes,” the man screams, over the screams of the baby. “Calm the child down, please! I had headphones on, I was sleeping! Want me to scream? I’ll f*cking scream! Please, stop the baby from crying!”

It’s actually surprisingly hard not to feel for this man, who honestly doesn’t seem to understand that there aren’t magic ways to quiet the baby (if the were, I’m guessing its parents would have tried it by that point).

And you have to admit the guy, even in his anger, makes a few funny points.

“Can you lower your voice?” a flight attendant asks.

“Can you lower that voice?” the man counters.

“You’re yelling,” the flight attendant says.

“SO IS THE BABY!” the guy says. “Did that motherf*cker pay extra to yell?”

And it makes sense that he’s in a rough spot, as he explains: “We are in a tin can with a baby in a godd*mn echo chamber, and you want to talk to me about being f*cking OK?”

And certainly, many parents can identify with how it feels when a crying baby pushes you to the limits of your sanity.

Still, the bottom line is that a baby — and its parents — can’t control when a baby feels uncomfortable on a flight. And a grown man should be able to control his outbursts better than someone in diapers.

Or, as another passenger on the flight says during the video, “He’s an a**hole.”

At the end of the flight, there were police waiting for the man in Orlando, though it’s not clear what happened next.

The video, captioned “Belligerent passenger causes diversion,” has tallied almost 2450,000 views and 6,000 comments over on TikTok.

Many pointed out the man’s immature behavior.

“Have we tried swaddling this man?” one person jokes. “He needs some soothing techniques.”

“I would be just as embarrassed as his wife,” another observes. “Lord knows what she goes through with this man every day.”

“How do you think the baby’s parents feel? People need to get a grip, babies are a part of life. We were all babies once,” another said.

“You’re entitled to a child-free life, not a child-free world,” another said (going to write that down and use it later).

A few people had sympathy for the man… even if they didn’t agree how he handled the situation.

“40 minutes of crying is exhausting,” one person commented.

“I’m a parent and understand his frustration,” said another. “The overstimulation of having to listen to a child scream and cry would be too much.”

Still others actually sided with him — and blamed the mother (not the father, of course) of the baby.

“This man deserves a medal for speaking up.”

“It’s the mom’s fault! She should have been prepared, melatonin, etc. It’s selfish!”

And maybe the best comments were the ones that pointed out that screaming about the baby did nothing, but helping the parents could have.

“If I was on that flight I’d go to the mama and be like hey mama you need a break I got you mama you are doing your best mama,” one wrote.

Now that would have made for a lovely heartwarming viral video.

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