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In the ever-evolving world of child safety, Britax Römer has once again taken the lead with the launch of its latest innovation—the MAX-SAFE PRO toddler car seat. A blend of cutting-edge technology, impeccable design, and a steadfast commitment to safety has defined Britax Römer for over five decades, and the MAX-SAFE PRO is a testament to their dedication to providing unparalleled protection for the most precious passengers on the road.

A legacy of safety

For more than 50 years, Britax Römer has been a trusted name in child safety, consistently setting the industry standard for excellence. The MAX-SAFE PRO continues this legacy by incorporating the latest advancements in safety technology to provide comprehensive protection for toddlers during every journey.

In the grand journey of parenthood, providing the utmost protection for our precious little ones is paramount. From the very first moments of life, Britax Römer seek the safest ways to care for and nurture our children. The Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO sets a new standard for child car seats. It’s not merely a car seat; it’s a guardian angel designed to protect your child through the most critical years of their development. Travelling in a rearward-facing position, the MAX-SAFE PRO ensures that your little one enjoys the safest and most comfortable journeys from infancy to early childhood.

The NEW MAX-SAFE PRO car seat is a beautiful evolution into R129 of their much-loved top-selling MAX-WAY PLUS. Designed to provide the highest level of protection, comfort, and convenience, this car seat is a game-changer for parents and children alike.

Safety is the top priority when it comes to car seats, and the MAX-SAFE PRO delivers on all fronts. This car seat allows your child to travel in a rearward-facing position for longer, providing the best possible protection in the event of a frontal collision. With its extended rearward-facing capability, your little one can enjoy a safe and secure ride for up to 7 years or until they reach 125 cm in height.

The MAX SAFE PRO is approved to the latest UN R129 regulations, and what’s more, MAX-SAFE PRO passed the strict Swedish Plus Test, so you know that little ones are safe on every journey. Let’s tell you more…..

Rearward facing for a safer tomorrow

The MAX-SAFE PRO allows your child to face the future while riding in a rearward-facing position. Why is this so crucial? In the event of a frontal collision, this positioning ensures that your child’s body is gently pressed into the soft, padded, and incredibly comfortable seat shell. This snug, secure arrangement absorbs the force and provides a remarkable level of protection.

But the safety doesn’t stop there. Britax Römer’s MAX-SAFE PRO is equipped with Advanced Side Impact Protection (SICT), a technology that goes above and beyond standard requirements to shield your little one from side impacts, a significant concern in vehicular safety.

Your child’s safe nest

Safety and comfort go hand in hand with the MAX-SAFE PRO. Its design is soft, ergonomic, and adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth.

The MAX-SAFE PRO also includes an infant insert, creating a warm and secure space for your baby to lie in a more reclined position up to 87 cm, offering extra protection for your littlest one. As your child grows, the Spacer provides an additional 8 cm of legroom, ensuring that your child remains comfortable throughout the journey.

The MAX-SAFE PRO also features an adjustable headrest and harness that grows with your child, accommodating heights of up to 125 cm and a maximum weight of 36 kg. No need to worry about constantly updating car seats as your child develops; this car seat is designed to adapt seamlessly to your child’s changing needs.

Worried about fussy kids during harnessing? Fear not!

The MAX-SAFE PRO features an easy harness system that allows you to buckle and unbuckle your child quickly and without fuss, ensuring a relaxed and joyful journey.

For parents, Britax Römer understands the need for versatility and convenience. The MAX-SAFE PRO can be installed using the car’s 3-point seat belt with the support leg and lower tethers, providing optimum stability. Moreover, the car seat’s compatibility with various vehicles is easily checked using the FIT FINDER® on the product page.

Easy as a Click

Installation has never been easier. The MAX-SAFE PRO boasts the new CLICKTIGHT system, ensuring that your child’s car seat is installed securely and quickly. Say goodbye to the days of loose belts and complicated setups. With the automatic retracting lower tethers, you can trust that your child’s car seat is in place for worry-free journeys.

The ultimate in safety and comfort

The Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating safe and comfortable travel solutions for children. It’s a guardian, a protector, and a companion on every journey. Made in Germany, it offers extended usability, providing the safety and comfort your child deserves as well as adhering to the highest safety standards and undergoing rigorous internal tests and simulations.

With the MAX-SAFE PRO, you can embrace safe travels, and as your little one faces the road ahead, you can trust that they are enjoying the safest and most comfortable journey possible.

Don’t compromise on safety—choose the Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO for your child’s future adventures. Enjoy every journey in peace, knowing that your child is secure and protected.

The NEW Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO launched in September in their latest colourway Jade Green, alongside much-loved colours Cosmos Black, Midnight Grey and Moonlight Blue.

The seat is also available in Atlantic Green, Fossil Grey and Galaxy Black, from their Sustainable GREEN SENSE collection


* Britax Römer internal tests and simulations

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