Mimi Nicklin Podcast on Empathy & Kids

Expert / 12 June, 2023 / My Baba

My Baba’s editor Ellie Thompson welcomes empathy advocate and best-selling author Mimi Nicklin to the show to discuss the importance of nurturing empathy in our children and why it’s important to be empathetic towards ourselves as parents. Are children born with empathy? Can we teach them? Mimi Nicklin explains all.

We discuss the life of working parents, the realities of the work/life balance and how the workplace can make changes to be more empathetic. We discuss the science behind empathy, when children start to show empathy and why it’s so important to demonstrate empathetic behaviours to our kids.

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About Mimi Nicklin

Mimi Nicklin is a leading empathy expert, best-selling author of Softening The Edge, the Creative CEO and Founder of global branding agency Freedm, and Founder of the organisational empathy platform Empathy Everywhere. She is a mum to a 5-year-old and currently lives in Malaysia.

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