‘My Mom Friends With Beautiful, Clean Homes Are Trying Too Hard’

It’s a cliché at this point to compare making mom friends to dating or navigating middle school — but as they say, it’s a cliché because it’s true. Whether you have a baby or a high schooler, there’s just something about meeting other parents that can make you feel like a teenager all over again: desperate to be liked, terrified of rejection, and unsure if all the effort you’re going to is even worth it. Below, 23 moms share what they really think about trying to find, keep, and tolerate their new friends.

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Wait… how do you even make mom friends?!

Confessional #65924892

Grown women are as toxic as middle schoolers. It is impossible to make friends.

Confessional #65209389

I have no idea how to make mom friends as an introvert

Confessional #67587651

I hated when my friends were incapable of talking to me on the phone. I’m that person now.

Confessional #62374984

Friend’s kid having a rough time @ school so I feel I can’t talk about my kid’s good time there

Confessional #66473281

Left the teaching profession. Mom friend heaven. Regret it everyday. Lonely in higher Ed.

Confessional #61295384

I wouldn’t pick my best friend as a friend if I met her now

Confessional #62354192

It makes me so sad and insecure that I haven’t been able to make any mom friends

Confessional #67288123

I feel left out of cliquey moms at gym class

Confessional #62374820

I’m done with my mom group except one but know she won’t abandon the others so Im stuck

Confessional #67530938

My neighborhood is mostly SAHMs, I work full time and feel left out sometimes

Confessional #63478593

I’m desperate for some, but I find it hard to make them. Total fear of rejection!

Confessional #69847266

I don’t like my mom friends we would never be friends in real life.

Confessional #62378492

I think one of my friend’s kids is an absolute nightmare and she just… doesn’t seem to care

Confessional #62712839

None of my mom friends plan anything, it’s always up to me and it gets exhausting 😭

Confessional #62739482

I feel like my mom friends with beautiful, clean homes are trying too hard.

Confessional #69048349

I give and give to my mom friends and don’t feel like I get enough back.

Confessional #62248742

The more moms I meet the more I don’t want mom friends.

Confessional #67447485

My best friend is so hard on her kids it breaks my heart to see.

Confessional #62378448

I’m exhausted by the amount of socializing I’m expected to do.

Confessional #61274884

My best friend is a absolute helicopter mom and spends play dates micromanaging kids

Confessional #62378936

I can’t stand friends who let their kids run wild.

Confessional #62377382

Being the last to have kids means no one is as excited for you as you were for them

Confessional #62093827

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