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The weather this week has been unbearably hot!  I really don’t enjoy the heat, I prefer a cooler temperature and the rain, I feel that I must be part snowman, because the moment the mercury starts to rise above 25°c I begin to melt.  Saying that, I do try to make sure that we get the most out of the good weather by heading outside to play. This pavement ice painting was a great opportunity to do just that.  The previous night I had set up what we needed so that by the time school had finished everything was ready for us to play with.

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To make your own ice paints you will need:

  • Paper cups or small child ones
  • Powdered paint
  • Water
  • Craft sticks

1.Put a spoonful of powdered paint into each of the cups.

2. Fill it half way with water and mix it together.*

3. Pop the craft sticks in and then put them in the freezer over night.

4. When they are ready to use, you can either tear the paper cups off or wait for them to slightly melt so that you can slide them out.

Ready to paint with them

* I used tempera powder paint to make these, it does give it a nice chalk like quality and the paint is easily washed away when you are finished.  If you don’t have powdered paint you could always try mixing ordinary paint with water.  If you are worried about staining your paving, you could take paper outside for them to draw on.

YC and I really enjoyed decorating the pavement with our ice paints, we loved watching all the colours merge and create new ones.

We didn't really draw anything, but made pretty patterns

We didn’t really draw anything, but made pretty patterns

I loved how they all blended together

I loved how they all blended together

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Pavement Ice Painting for children


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