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Although are time after school is super busy at the moment, I always try to make time to do a craft around Remembrance Day.  This year we have been making potato printed poppy lanterns.

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To make your own potato printed poppy lanterns you will need:

  • Red paper
  • Black paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Potatoes
  • Paint
  • Knife
  • Glue

Cut your potato in half, on one half draw the shape of a poppy and cut it out and on the other do the same for a leaf.  A good tip: if you have a cookie cutter, use that to make your shape.  It will take your potato shapes to the next level.

potato printed poppy lanterns


On your tracing paper start printing your poppies and leaves.  An alternative to potato printing, is to simply use coloured pens like sharpies.

potato printed poppy lanterns

When the paint has dried, add some coloured paper to make a boarder at the top and bottom.  I used double sided tape rather than glue.

Fold your paper round to make a cylinder and stick the sides together.  Again, I used double sided tape, but you could use stapler or glue.

Finally add a handle to the top of your lantern.

If you enjoyed making these potato printed poppy lanterns, be sure to check out my paper plate poppy and poppy field craft.

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Potato printed Poppy Lanterns for Remembrance Day.  #kidscraft

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