Sex After Birth Podcast Interview

Editor of My Baba Ellie Thompson welcomes maternal health advocate and journalist Clio Wood to the show to discuss the launch of her new book ‘Get Your Mojo Back’, which focusses on the topic of sex after birth.

This podcast episode breaks the silence around the topic no one is talking about: how to have enjoyable sex after birth, with some sound and sensitive advice on how to get your sex life back on track.

Sex after birth

83% of new mums go through some form of sexual dysfunction and pain post-pregnancy, and sex after childbirth can be a daunting prospect whatever your circumstances. We talk about the impact of your new arrival, the role of hormones and post-pregnancy body shape, and how all these things can make sex feel very different. Clio shares her expert advice on how to get back on track when it comes to sex, intimacy and pleasure after birth.

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About Clio Wood

Clio Wood is a maternal health advocate, journalist and Founder of &Breathe, which she started after her first daughter was born. She is from London and has lived in Paris, Singapore, and on a canal boat.

Clio is married to Bryn and has a degree from Cambridge University. Clio has been featured in The Times, The Guardian, Mother and Baby and Grazia and has written for The Telegraph, HuffPost, and iNews amongst others.


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This book is a rallying call to women to reclaim their sexuality and find sexual fulfilment. Focusing on the physical, mental and practical aspects that can affect your sexual experience and relationship, each chapter contains:

– a personal experience to relate to; tips on specific issues and their manifestations, including unfulfilling sex and numbness, painful postpartum sex, and finding time for intimacy in motherhood;
– information from experts, including women’s health physios, an obstetrics doctor and gynaecology and a perinatal mental health psychologist.

Informative yet often hilarious, this guide from maternal health campaigner and journalist Clio Wood will appeal to new and existing mothers seeking to improve their sex lives and wellbeing after birth.

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