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Finally spring is here! I always find the last few weeks of winter the hardest and I can’t wait for the blossom to appear on the trees. Of course, just because it has turned from winter to spring doesn’t mean that over night the blossom or buds will magically appear, but at least it isn’t winter anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and I much prefer the cold to hot, but I am ready for the weather to warm up slightly and for the trees to get their leaves back. I saw this Spring blossom printing on last year and I have been waiting patiently for spring to come around so that we could celebrate its arrival.

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To make your own Spring Blossom Printing you will need:

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Empty bottle*

* we found that a coke bottles work the best as their bottoms look like a flower.

Paint your stems

2. Dip your bottle into your paint and print it on the paper. The more paint you have on the bottom the better; you don’t want to scrape the excess off.

spring blossom printing

Leave to dry

spring blossom printing

If you scrape the excess paint off you will be left with semi formed petals

My little ones only spend about 10 minutes doing this activity, but they certainly had fun while they were doing it. These pictures will certainly bring the feel of spring into your homes even if they blossom outside hasn’t bloomed.

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Use old drinks bottles to create a Chinese inspired spring blossom printing.

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