Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Just Like The Real Thing

There’s no shortage of mom wine memes on the internet. Sure, there’s some truthful humor behind a lot of them but the sobering fact is alcohol consumption among moms with young kids grew by over 300% during the pandemic. Perhaps that’s why more moms are now looking for non-alcoholic alternatives to their favorite glass of wine. Enter Surely: real fermented wine, without the alcohol — that’s not just expensive grape juice in a fancy bottle.

Whether your preference is a bubbly Brut or a rich Pinot Noir or even canned wine to take on-the-go, Surely has something for everyone. And with more holiday social events right around the corner, now’s a perfect time to go alcohol-free and enjoy health perks like better sleep and more energy. Not sure what to try first? Check out their wine-matching quiz to find your new favorite in less than 1 minute and save 25% off by subscribing to Surely’s wine club.

How Does Surely Make Real Wines Without The Alcohol?

Surely’s founder was looking to cut out alcohol but found the NA offerings subpar. So he partnered with talented winemakers to produce de-alcoholized, fermented wine. But how exactly does the wellness-focused brand strip out the alcohol?

Because Surely wines are fermented (like all real wines) and alcohol is a by-product of this process, all that alcohol has to go somewhere. So Surely uses state-of-the-art spinning cone column technology to remove the alcohol while preserving the taste and aroma of its wines. From there, and with a little bit of chemistry, the wines are blended to create beautifully balanced wines that put the pleasure back in the wine-drinking experience without the unhealthy side effects.

The Best Surely Wines To Try This Holiday Season & Beyond

Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc is a light wine that blends citrus and pear and apple, creating a crisp drink to enjoy all year round. It’s a little sweeter than your average dry white, and it’s even full-bodied enough to pair with your favorite noodle dish.

If you’re planning a night out (or in) this New Year’s Eve, Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Brut Can 4-Pack is the perfect classic bubbly refreshment in convenient, portable cans to toast to the new year. Similar to traditional Brut champagnes, it has a dry palette with surprising hints of lemon, peach, and passion fruit while still being low in sugar (5 grams). And like all Surely beverages, it’s non-alcoholic. Those with wheat sensitivities will appreciate this gluten-free celebratory drink.

Red wines like pinot noirs pair excellently with roasted meats and roasted vegetables — dishes that are popular at the holiday table. Surely’s Californian Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir features cranberry, plum, and blackberry notes and a velvety smooth finish. The light-bodied wine is also non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

Final Thoughts

The UK public health campaign known as Dry January has caught on since its start in 2013. Now people all over Europe, the United States, and beyond observe Dry January by abstaining from alcohol during the entire first month of each year. For those who enjoy alcohol on a regular basis, it’s no easy undertaking. Thanks to Surely’s range of non-alcoholic wines, you can still enjoy a drink. And for those who are starting on a zero or low-alcohol lifestyle in general, Surely wines can provide the same sensory experience without the hangover.

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