The 9 Best Toddler Mittens

There’s nothing cuter than a toddler wearing mittens. When you finally get your kiddo all bundled up in winter gear, it’s hard not to want to squish them and kiss all over their tiny adorable faces, but of course, there’s a bigger purpose to mittens than cuteness. The best toddler mittens are easy to get on and stay on so that they keep hands warm and dry to prevent frostbite.

Even though they might tell you they don’t need mittens because their “hands aren’t cold” (I’m quoting my 3-year-old here), your little one will be a lot more comfortable (and safer) when the cold air and snowy, icy conditions hit.

What To Consider When Shopping For Toddler Mittens


Not all mittens are created equal, especially when it comes to picky toddlers. If you live in a colder climate, mittens with warm lining like Thinsulate fleece or sherpa will keep hands insulated and protected, and a waterproof exterior is ideal for snow play and winter sports. For those in more temperate climates, a simple knit mitten might be all you need. Look for machine-washable options to keep mittens looking (and smelling) fresh throughout the season.


If you’ve ever wondered how something so hard to get on can be so easy to fall off, you’re not alone. Finding the right pair of mittens that actually stay on can be tricky, but it’s possible. Promise. Here are some styles to consider:

  • Zip-on mittens are a delight for both parents and kids. They have a zipper on one or both sides of the mittens that completely open so kids can see exactly where their thumbs need to go.
  • Elasticated cuffs or cuffs with Velcro, also called a hook-and-loop, are good for toddlers who constantly try to take their mittens off. The closures pull the mittens tighter at the wrist to keep them in place.
  • Extra long mittens that are designed to go over the jacket and reach all the way to the elbows also stay on nicely, plus they keep the arms, wrists, and hands extra warm.
  • Thumbless mittens are the easiest to put on, and are great for younger toddlers, but some kids don’t like their hands to feel restricted.
  • Mittens with a string or clips are really beneficial if you like saving money since little ones aren’t the best at keeping their belongings together (they’re actually the worst, but to be expected). A string can keep that mitten or glove pair together and clips secure the entire operation to the jacket.

Scroll on for our top picks for toddler mittens — and they’re all conveniently on Amazon.


These Waterproof Mittens With Nearly 14,000 Five-Star Ratings

Hit the slopes or your backyard with these Thinsulate waterproof mittens for your toddler. Backed by nearly 14,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, these mitts are warmly insulated with fleece with a hook-and-loop closure around the cuff to ensure they don’t fall off, and they even have clips to keep them together when they aren’t being worn. You have the option of a short cuff (featured) or long cuff, as well as tons of different colors.

Helpful review: “These gloves are amazing! We were clearing out ice in the gutter to get the water flowing. Before I knew it my 4-year-old had his hands directly in the freezing ice water! I could literally ring out water from the gloves, but his hands inside were bone dry and warm!! Very impressed!”

Available Sizes: 6-12 Months — 8-10 Years | Available Colors: 36


Editor’s Choice: These Toasty-Warm Thumbless Mittens That Are So Easy To Put On

If your toddler often refuses to wear mittens, try these ridiculously adorable penguin mittens that are just as much fun as they are efficient. The effortless thumbless design is waterproof and warm, and the outer shell is extra soft for all those times your toddler will wipe their little nose (many, many times). A double wrist strap ensures that these babies stay on. In addition to penguins, the mittens also come in dragon, butterfly, tiger paw, and snow princess designs.

Editor Praise: “I originally bought these Mittyz for my daughter who hated trying to get her fingers in the dedicated glove holes. With these, you just slide their hands in and you’re good to go. Fast forward a few years, and my son is now wearing them and they’re still in great shape. They’re a little pricey, but if you live in a colder climate and have a hard time getting out the door with your toddler in all the gear, you need these. Lifesaver.” – Kate Miller, Scary Mommy editor

Available Sizes: 6 Months-2 Years — 4 – 6 Years | Available Colors: 6


Some Popular Zip-On Mittens

For kids who struggle with putting on their gloves, these zip-on mittens are a delight. A zipper opening makes it extra easy to put them on, because they open wide enough to actually see where the fingers go. A PU leather palm provides a grip, a warm lining keeps them insulated, clips keep them together, and a waterproof layer makes them great for the snow while keeping your child’s hands dry. Not surprisingly, these have earned cult-fave status on Amazon with nearly 1,400 perfect five-star ratings to date.

Helpful review: “The zippers on the back make getting a toddlers thumb in the right place a breeze! It’s also great for a child with sensory issues as putting these glove back on 100 times is a snap! Highly recommend!”

Available Sizes: 2-4 Years — 4-6 Years | Available Colors: 3


These Lightweight, Cuddly Mittens Your Toddler Needs For Cool Days

These acrylic knit mittens aren’t designed for the snow, but they are made with sherpa fleece lining to keep your toddler’s hands snuggly warm on a cold day. Other than the warmth they provide, perhaps they best part is that they’re machine washable. There are nine colors to choose from as well as some adorable matching winter hats. In addition to regular mittens, you can also choose from thumbless options for younger babies.

Helpful review: “I bought a pair of these for my 1 & 3 yr olds. They keep their hands toasty warm and hold up well. I’ve washed both pairs and I am extremely happy with how they hold up.”

Available Sizes: 3-9 months — 5T | Available Colors: 9


These Best-Selling Waterproof Toddler Mittens With A Long Cuff & Wrap Closure

Not only are these waterproof mittens with 2.5-inch knitted cuffs ideal for snow play, they have a Thinsulate inner lining that’ll keep little hands warm and dry in extra cold temperatures. A wrap closure with an elastic wrist area allows for plenty of room to get small hands where they need to go, and it also lets you pull them as tight as they need to go. Not surprisingly, these mitts have earned more than 7,000 perfect five-star ratings.

Helpful review: “I really like these mittens for kids! The cuff is long and keeps snow and cold out of the sleeves. They are waterproof and warm. We played in the snow for over an hour, and I checked my kiddo’s hands when we got inside and they were dry and warm!”

Available Sizes: 1-2 Years — 10-12 Years | Available Colors: 30


These Warm, Retro-Style Mittens With A String To Make Life Easier

With full waterproof protection and Thinsulate lining, your kiddo can play in the snow all day with warm and dry hands — or at least until they’re ready for a snack (which will be like 10 minutes, probably). A clip and a string helps kids keep these mittens together when they aren’t being worn, and the string makes them easier to carry. A hook-and-loop wrist closure makes it difficult for your toddler to pull them off — you know, like when they all of a sudden decide that snow isn’t cold.

Helpful review: “These mittens were perfect for my 3-year-old to play in the snow. They were easy to get on and off, a perfect fit, and the design of the cuffs meant that they didn’t fall off. The little clip is also nice to attach the two together when not being worn. Oh, and most importantly, they were totally waterproof and kept his hands warm.”

Available Sizes: 0-2 years — 4-6 years | Available Colors: 11


These Super-Warm Mittens That Offer Full Arm Protection

Even when it’s absolutely frigid outside, kids want to play in the snow. Gotta love their commitment to fun. To keep your toddler’s hands and arms protected from the freezing elements, these gauntlet mittens are built with extra-long arm coverage. They’re designed to go over your child’s jacket and have a cinch at the wrist for added protection, so there’s no way snow is making any skin contact. Let’s be real though, mittens like these aren’t the easiest to get into, but they’ll absolutely offer the best coverage so you can worry less and make more snowballs.

Helpful review: “These mittens are a must if you have children that love to play in the snow. My boys just played for an hour and a half out side and their hands were hot when we took their gloves off. I’m super impressed with the quality, thickness, design, and waterproofing of these gloves! So worth it!”

Available Sizes: 1-2 years — 5-6 years | Available Colors: 1


Two Pairs Of Fleece-Lined, Thumbless Mittens For Double The Warmth

For little ones who don’t care about using their thumbs while staying warm, these thumbless mittens are perfect. The company also offers versions of these mittens with thumbs for kiddos who like to grab onto things. Made of warm fleece with extra warm sherpa lining and a hook-and-loop closure, the mittens are perfect for the tiniest hands. They come in a pack of two, which is ideal for kids (and parents) who tend to misplace mittens.

Helpful review: “I read so many reviews trying to purchase the right mitten for my baby. These turned out to be perfect. Love that there are no thumb slots and the velcro holds up great. Definitely a great buy!”

Available Sizes: 3-12 months — 2-4 years | Available Colors: 14


Some Warm Snow Mittens In The Cutest Prints

Whether your kiddo is into space, cars, marine life, or bright colors, these super warm and waterproof toddler mittens offer plenty of options. There are options available without a thumb if you prefer an easier on. The mittens are machine washable (hooray!), have clips, an adjustable elastic cuff, and a wrist cinch to keep them secure. A non-slip silicone palm helps with getting a good grip on important things like snowballs. Some reviewers suggest that the mittens run a little small, so that’s something to consider when choosing the right size.

Helpful review: “My son loves his mittens. They fit perfectly, are comfortable, and they keep his hands dry and warm while he’s playing in the snow.”

Available Sizes: 0-2 years — 6-8 years | Available Colors: 21


Also Nice: Some Fan-Fave Mitten Clips For Keeping Tabs On That New Pair

Mitten clips are the best way to make sure both mittens make it home after a fun day. You can use this elastic clip to keep the mittens together or clip each mitten to your child’s jacket. There are several color variations to choose from, and you can also opt to buy a larger pack if you have more than one kid.

Helpful review: “Best invention ever, to help little ones keep up with their hat and gloves/mittens. They’re well made and clamps tightly to each item.”

Looking for more toddler glove options? Check out more of our top picks.

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