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Parenting / 15 August, 2023 / My Baba

Leonora welcomes Sergei Urban, aka, TheDadLab, to the show to discuss all things science and fun, with some exciting activities you can do at home with the kids this summer.

Sergei’s website is a treasure trove of fascinating things to do with the kids, stocked wealth of knowledge. Leonora also quizzes Sergei on his Nature Workbook – a collection of printable activities to inspire, spark curiosity and creativity and foster a love for the natural world.

Join Sergei Urban, the mastermind behind TheDadLab and Leonora, as they share ways to bring the joy of hands-on learning directly to your home.

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About Sergei Urban, TheDadLab

Sergei Urban, aka TheDadLab, is a dedicated father to two boys. Inspired by their natural curiosity, he began transforming the ordinary into extraordinary learning experiences. His daily adventures are shared across social media, promoting the power of curiosity and creativity, and inspiring a community of over 10 million followers with families and classrooms all over the world. As a best-selling author, Sergei illuminates the path towards STEM education, embodying the spirit of play, and emerging as a true champion of innovative parenthood.


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