This Video Of Triplets Giggling In Unison Will Make Your Day

With the world being an absolute mess most of the time, this adorable video will surely provide a tiny bright spot among the heaviness of everyday life. TikTok mom, Julia Platsman, posted a video of her three triplet boys sitting close together in a chair, smiling at Platsman who is filming her boys.

You might want to save it on your phone for a rough day.

“Did you guys get bigger overnight?” she asks her identical triplets as they giggle and admire their mom. “Are you really proud of all the growing you’re doing? How big are you?”

Surely, Platsman was slightly nervous when she found out that she was pregnant with triplets. The cost, the sleep debt, and the overwhelming amount of diapers to change are enough to make a mom’s head spin.

However, when Platsman posted the video, she wrote the sweetest and most real message on the video in text overlay.

“The footage I wish I could have seen when I was terrified and pregnant with triplets,” she wrote.

After the video went viral, other TikTok users chimed in with their admiration of the heartwarming video, noting that these are the little moments that make motherhood worthwhile.

“The fact they can’t even understand her & just their mothers voice made them so happy,” one user wrote.

“It’s the no teef smiles for me! omg they are like best friends forever, this is adorable. Mama you’re doing something right,” another said.

The OP replied, “Truly love their gummy smiles!!”

“You sound so happy. Nothing beats a happy mom. 😭🥰,” another wrote.

One user wrote, “This is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen. imagine being the mom knowing you created all three of them. so epic”

Children drain you, especially in those early years. However, once those first smiles or giggles come through, our tanks are filled right back up. Platsman is just fortunate to get all that cuteness times three.

For Platsman, the idea of having triplets seemed more than daunting, but it turns out, she and her husband are killing it.

“Raising triplets so far has been nothing like we imagined. Being first-time parents and having three at once was incredibly intimidating, but things have turned out to be more than okay! It still takes my breath away every day that we have identical boy triplets, however, I believe we were made for this job with how well everything has gone and how fulfilled we are,” she tells Scary Mommy.

Before having the boys, the unpredictability of what their future held weighed on Platsman, who says that she was kind of in denial when they got the news from the doctor that three babies were on the way.

“The very first second she told us, my husband and I laughed, it didn’t feel real that triplets could actually just happen. Then about 1 minute later it quickly turned into panic. I was terrified of how we could handle this many babies at once, what the pregnancy would feel like, finances, etc. I felt a lot of ‘Why me? for months. I wish so badly I could have seen into the future and known everything would work out better than I could have ever expected,” she explains, tying back into her caption on the adorable video of her boys giggling in unison.

As for the response she’s received from the internet, she couldn’t have asked for a more warm reception, including giving hope and ease to other moms expecting multiples.

She says, “There are other triplet moms out there who share their journey, too, and that was the only thing that got me through the fear of our pregnancy, so it’s really nice to know I have made a positive impact for future multiple moms too!”

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