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Ellie Thompson welcomes certified sleep consultant and children’s mental health practitioner Sophie Wilkinson to Parental Control to discuss baby sleep issues, covering everything from breaking bad habits to tips on implementing a calmer bedtime routine.  Sophie has over a decade of experience working with thousands of families to help solve children’s sleep difficulties, and on the show today, we focus on baby sleep and the many issues surrounding routine, with suggestions on how to solve baby sleep issues with simple and effective tips you can try at home.

Solving baby sleep problems

If you’re waking up multiple times because your little one wants constant feeding at night, or you feel that ‘my baby will only sleep on me’ it’s understandable that you won’t have had a full night’s sleep in perhaps days, weeks, or even months. If this leaves you feeling that you can’t cope with daily life because your child won’t sleep through the night or take a nap, this podcast is for you! Answering questions like: “Is it normal to have no control over my baby’s sleep?” and “What am I doing so wrong?” Listen in for expert tips and tricks to help you feel able to cope again.

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Children’s mental health practitioner Sophie is mum to two beautiful boys. After having her first (sleepless) son, she found a new passion, qualifying as a fully Accredited Sleep Consultant at Baby Sleep The Night.

After surviving her own two sleep-fighting-warriors, who couldn’t settle and experienced allergies and reflux, her mission is to help others solve their own baby sleep problems, assisting families going through similar situations.

Follow Sophie on Insta: @babysleepthenight_sophie

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