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EC and YC don’t know about these Valentine’s Bubble gum Machine, they are my Valentine’s gifts to them. So shhhh, it’s a secret.

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To make your own Valentine’s Bubble Gum Machine you will need:

  • Coloured paper cups
  • Red paper
  • Plastic fillable ornaments like these ones from 
  • Sweets
  • Scissors

Using the paper cup decide how big you want the bass to be, then cut it accordingly. You will need to keep the bottom half of the cup to do this.

Fill your ornament with your chosen sweets. I know this is meant to be a gum ball machine but as it is for Valentine’s Day I thought I would fill EC and YC’s up with hearts. I got these from Tiger which was enough to fill up both ornaments.

In the bottom of the cup make a small slit for the top of the ornament to go through. This will, hopefully, keep it all in place.

Finally cut out a heart and stick it on the cup.

I am sure EC and YC will love their little Valentine’s bubble gum machine gifts. These would also be sweet for your little ones to make as gifts to friends.

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