10 Valentines Day Gifts for a Pregnant Woman she will LOVE from a Pregnancy Pro

Are you looking for someone for that special woman you love? It can be HARD to shop for someone who’s body and tastes are constantly changing. Here are ten gifts from a pregnancy expert that I think she will absolutely adore.

pregnant woman and man who loves her.

First off, hello! I’m Hilary — many people know me as The Pregnancy Nurse 👩‍⚕️. I have been a nurse since 1997 and I have 20 years of OB nursing experience, I am also the curly head behind this website Pulling Curls. 🩺​ In addition to helping thousands of babies come into the world, I’ve also been pregnant three times myself. I understand how hard it can be to both be pregnant, and to also please a pregnant woman’s mind.

Ok, let’s get started…..

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a valentines gift for a pregnant woman:

#1 How far along is she?

If she’s EARLY in her pregnancy, she might enjoy a gift card to a maternity store, or a baby store so she can dream about how great this is all going to be. BUT, if she’s close to the end, she may want something that honors that soon she’ll have her body and her life back a bit more. A gift certificate to a favorite store that she can enjoy sans-fetus once baby is born is nice.

#2 What are her biggest complaints right now?

Is it swelling feet, than I have a couple of awesome ones for that.

Is it sleep? I’ve got one for that too.

Is it weird face skin, or an itchy belly. You can always research her specific problems to see if you can find a solution for her. It also will show you want her to feel as good as she possibly can.

Be SURE to read the list below because I have some good options for some of the most COMMON complaints (because, after over 22 years of doing this — I’ve heard them!).

#3 What do you normally do?

If you’ve been together for a few years, and you always get her lingerie, maybe do it again. You want to both honor the fact that things are VERY different right now, but she’s still that same special woman who makes your heart flutter when she smiles at you. So, get something loose fitting that will fit next year too.

A note of caution: When you give the gift, make SURE that you put some thought into it. But you have to treat your pregnant wife so carefully. Make sure that your wife feels like she can return it if necessary and that you will have no hard feelings about what she thinks about it. You’re just there to love her with this special gift. 🙂 It’s fun to surprise your wife with something unique, but just make sure that she knows you’re OK with however she feels about it.

Oh, and sizing on stuff is ALL over the place. You can get her an outfit your wife can wear, but be sure she knows you had no idea what size to get and you hear that store’s sizing is weird, so she can feel free to return it (just make sure she CAN return it and you keep your receipts).

OH, and one more pro-tip. Many of these are very practical gifts — and maybe you’re just not the guy that gives your wife a vacuum for her birthday. But, during pregnancy things may change for her. Little things that make life easier maker her heart swoon in a good way. But, keep your receipts, because you just never know. 🙂 That’s the fun thing about pregnant women.

In this article I will use wife, partner, girlfriend. Don’t worry about the word I use — just substitute for whatever you use for her. 🙂 And if you’re reading this post for just a pregnant friend, that’s great too! I know you’ll find some awesome gift ideas in here!

Ok, let’s jump into those valentines gifts that I think will hit the mark!

A Pregnancy Pillow

If sleep is her issue, she’s going to love this one. And frankly, at the same time you’re also going to be getting less room in the bed. By showing her you understand how important sleep is for her and this growing baby you’re saying you love her. Here are three of my favorites:

  • I think this one is my favorite because it is shaped to cradle her neck, her belly bump, and between her hips.
  • Want something a bit more simple — something like this is fine too.
  • These just seem giant and I just prefer a curve, but maybe you think she’ll love this one.

A Belly Support Band

Is she complaining of an aching belly or back? A pregnancy support band is a great option to help support her belly and eliminate a lot of those aches and pains. Here are three of my favorites for a valentines day gift idea:

  • I like how this one supports top and bottom
  • If she has hip pain, she can wear one of these a bit lower on her hips to help that too.
  • If she’s just MISERABLE something like this might help — but it’s a lot. You’ll want to get something a bit “sexier” to go with it.

I know they certainly don’t seem sexy, but making her feel more comfortable is one of the BEST valentines day gifts!

BONUS TIP: If you’re worried she’ll hate that, or it will be too hot (I live in Arizona so I totally get that). I actually have seen a LOT of luck with this. You can sort of term it as a new tech gadget to see if it helps her feel any better. The studies actually show that it can (which is wild). These are my favorite brands (I shared about my experience with the tape here on Tiktok).

A Prenatal Class

If you guys are past about 20 weeks, it’s time to start thinking about how that baby is going to get out.

Most people have a hard time just choosing a class, so picking one out that is taught by an expert is a way that you can’t go wrong. Plus, it shows you that you’re willing to do the class WITH her, which is the stuff that pregnant dreams are made of.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples was created for new parents to do TOGETHER. It’s from a nurse with over 20 years of experience and many people call it fun (hard to believe, but true). It’s also one of the best-priced ones out there {see my posts on the costs of prenatal class — the average for a “no-frills” class is about $190, and the fancier, more supportive classes are normally around $300).

I know it doesn’t seem like the most romantic or best valentine gift, but in giving her that one for couples, you’re saying — hey {insert partner name} I’m here to learn and support you! And there’s no more wonderful gift than that — quality time and learning things about what’s coming. May even bring a happy tear to her eye. 🙂

P.S. If you’re still early, you could also grab her this pregnancy calendar to keep track of everything.

Supportive Comfy Shoes

Those feet are likely going to grow, so getting her some supportive shoes that can grow with that expanding belly is a kind move. This one needs to be done thoughtfully. Maybe it’s just slippers, but if she’s just miserable, something she can wear out will make her more comfortable for sure. I had a pair of the UGLIEST shoes with my first baby that I wore daily. I loved them though, and this isn’t rare. Shoes she’ll love is a great gift for pregnant women!

Here are a few to check-out:

Clogs are a great option (because no one wants to tie shoes 9 months pregnant). Plus these are REALLY supportive, when I tried them on I was suprised!

I have these shoes and i LOVE them. They’re made by a podiatrist (but look “cool”) and the heel can either be tucked in (and you wear it like a clog) or pulled up to keep your foot in.

Or, if she REALLY wants sneakers but doesn’t want to have to bend over to get her foot in these are a good option.

And, if she plans to wear “regular” shoes all day but could use something comfy at home try this one, this one or this one — depending on her style.

This type of present can both be the worst and best because she may feel like her life has gone to pot since she can’t wear her stylish shoes anymore. OR, your wife will LOVE them and the fact they’re SO comfortable now!

A Massage

This may be in line with what you normally give her — but I can tell you from experience that there is NO massage that feels better than a pregnancy massage. This is probably one of the top valentines day gifts for pregnant women (might be worth it to see if any local places are offering specials on a spa day or a prenatal massage gift card for valentines).

First off, make sure that the spa has a cut-out that your sweetheart can lay on her belly and let her baby bump in it (laying on my stomach felt AMAZING after months of avoiding that). I’d be SURE to get at least 60-90 minutes because every ounce of her body is affected by this pregnancy. Hormones don’t JUST stay in her pelvic region, they anger the ligaments, joints and muscles around her whole body and it will feel SO great. She’ll absolutely love it!

Bonus: Get her more than one as a valentine’s gifts — sometimes that first one is awkward until you get into it. 🙂

A Foot Bath

Ok, maybe giant shoes aren’t really the right fit for her. Consider a foot spa as a gift for your pregnant wife. It’s going to feel awesome on tired feet. Remember they’re affected by those hormones, they’re carrying more weight AND they’re often swollen in those last few months.

Pro tIp: Every woman wants her feet rubbed a LOT when they’re pregnant, so this is a way she can soak them and you can avoid a few foot rubs. 🙂 It’s a good idea, and a thoughtful gift for pregnant moms.

A Doula consult

Ok, you’ve taken the prenatal class, but she’s feeling like she could use a bit more help (but doesn’t want to go the whole way to get an actual doula — although that would be a great gift too). I love the doula from BLOC birth (she was on my podcast, and I love her social media). I think her prenatal birth consult would be amazing for a Valentines gift. Especially if she’s just worried about how you guys can be a team both at birth and after baby is born!

This is the perfect gift to give your wife if she is feeling anxious about birth (after a prenatal class — I’d try the prenatal class first to see if that was enough).

A Postpartum Doula

Ok, this is the gift I would have LOVED after I had a baby. A postpartum doula comes in a few nights after baby is born to help out. Often they get up and settle baby and then bring them to you when they’re ready to eat, providing you guys at least a FEW nights of great sleep. Honestly, as great as a labor doula is, a postpartum doula would be AMAZING. I mean, in the hospital you at least have nurses to support you…

The problem can be finding one. So, I’d call your partner’s doctor’s office to see if they have anyone they recommend. Often doulas will partner with doctor’s offices. If yours doesn’t have one, maybe find a doctor’s office in the nicest part of town and just call to ask if they have any postpartum doulas they recommend.

This gift won’t be cheap, but it really would be a gift for BOTH of you. These doulas are super experienced with a new baby and a new mom and can help and answer questions about your little one too while they’re there. A great resource! And not JUST to help your wife! It’s one of the BEST gifts (but may take a bit of effort).

A Microwaveable Heat Pack

These are awesome to just have around the house. I also recommend them to a pregnant person if they’re feeling crampy towards the end. I prefer these to a heating pad because she can fall asleep with it on, and it will cool down (rather than stay on). This is great for after baby too so she can heat and heal (awesome for after-baby cramps too). If she’s feeling sore this can be one of the best valentines day gifts!

I really like this one as you can use it on tired lower ligaments without getting it all over your baby bump (you don’t want to lay it directly over your stomach — I have a whole post on heating pads during pregnancy).

A pregnancy gift basket

If she just loves to be pampered maybe pick out a valentines gift basket. Look for some lotions, belly creams, lip balms (one of the MOST important things for your hospital bag), handmade soap, favorite essential oils some favorite sweets or salty foods and put it together to show you care. This can be done really cheaply too! However, I’d keep receipts on this one too. Smells she loved before she may not love now. During this special time, she’s complicated. Right?

BTW, I just realized a hospital bag gift basket would be fun — you’ll want:

A few bonus options:

None of these “hit” right — here’s a few other options:

Schedule a babymoon together. It’s the perfect way to get some time together and make some special memories before baby is born.

If she’s close to delivery you could consider some awesome postpartum pj’s. She’ll love how comfy they are (and how easy they are to breastfeed in).

If you haven’t bought much for baby, you could buy her something like some baby blankets (people love these swaddle ones), onesies, or a cute outfit to show her you’re excited for what’s to come together!

Does she have a favorite author or is a book lover? Offer her one with the promise to clean up dinner for the next week so she can enjoy her book (bonus points for that one).

As you can tell, the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, the best gift of all is knowing that you care for her, you want to support her now, during delivery and after baby comes.

And no matter what you do — the gift of doing a prenatal class with her is a gift that will pay off big time for BOTH of you!

So, what are you getting her, or if you’re a pregnant woman, what do you WANT? Tell us in the comments!

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