4 Signs It’s Time to Organize

Sometimes you had a system set up (or you think you do) and then slowly realize it’s maybe not working. Today I’m going to share the signs it’s time to organize — so you can decide what really needs to be done those trouble spots around your home!

Before we get started grab my weekly cleaning schedule to help you get that part under control:

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The “fixes” for these signs all differ, so don’t think you HAVE to do XYZ in any case — so be sure to use your time in the very best ways, because I know we’re all busy (and wish we didn’t have to organize).

You Secretly Dread Putting Something Away

Sometimes I have shirts to put away and inside I’m saying — DRAT, another shirt! I just don’t want to do it.

I should also say that I’ll be feisty about the job for quite a while before I actually dig in and organize. When I’m done I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. It’s dumb to spend so much time stressing over an organization system (especially one you use frequently like SHIRTS) when really fixing it would maybe take 5-10 minutes.

Often these secret dreads are the easiest ones to fix and will bring the most joy back into your life. When it’s easy to put clothes away after folding them I’m just a happier human.

Solve: Most often this is due to too much in that area. In this situation sending 1-2 shirts to Goodwill (that I didn’t really love wearing anyway) fixes the system. Another issue could be improper folding or something in the wrong area (like a long sleeve shirt getting put with the short sleeves).

Yes, the fix is super easy — so don’t let this one bring you down, do a quick fix!

It Can’t Close or Open Easily

Gah, this is one of my LEAST favorite signs, and definitely happens in my drawers as well. I have the same dresser I’ve had since I was born (thanks to my dad who refinished it for me, I never want to give it up). But, it holds a finite amount of clothes — and when I have to much in there I need to make a fix!

Solve: Fixes are very similar to above, unless the system is broken. Maybe you could run a bar of soap over the edges if an actual mechanical issue, or you’ll need to buy a replacement. However, MOST often it’s just buying too much. Can you put backstock somewhere else, or are there things you’re not using/loving — get rid of them, you don’t need that in your life!

I actually have a free 5-word organization challenge that goes through decluttering — I think you’d love it, and it would encourage you to make great fixes in these problem areas so you’re not snagged by it anymore!

Your Family Can’t Comply

Now, you clearly won’t have this issue if you’re doing your home alone, or with a fairly compliant partner (I have one of those). BUT kids puts a whole new strain on ANY organization system.

If your kids can’t put things away easily, they just won’t. That’s just a truth throughout the universe.

If you find that you’re finding things left out, and not being put away it COULD be just pure laziness (I have definitely seen that), but it also could be your system. Might be time to adjust it.

Solve: Look at it. Is there too much in there, is the “system” too complicated? You need to be really honest with yourself about how it’s working. You could also rope in those kids to ask WHY they’re not putting it away, and then go from there.

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It’s Nagging At You

Do you see an overflowing bin of something, or you keep brushing something and stuff falls out. That’s a true sign to just put in the time and fix it.

This is the point where I remind you that you do NOT need to do your entire living room in one day. Maybe you tackle books, or blankets, or even just one bin you have and go through it. You can take small steps and make big differences.

AND the extra good news is that it inspires you to do more in your NEXT area once you see how helpful it was in one area. I love that for you!

Organizing with families can be tough. If you’re looking to organize your home easily with a little encouragement I am here to save the day with The Organized Home. I can help you create those systems in your home that help make it:

  • Easier to clean
  • Easier to put things away
  • Easier to LIVE.

Because I’ll agree — when I have systems that are failing me time and time again each week, it sort of brings me down. But I’m here to say there ARE easy fixes, and I can help you get started!

Have a spot in your home that’s driving you insane? Tell us in the comments so we can help you!

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