Does a NURSE really think it’s worth it?

This post is all about looking for ways to save on an Owlet monitor or an Owlet promo code. But first, let’s find out if it’s actually worth it (because even with a coupon code you want it to be WORTH IT) — from an L&D RN.

Baby with Owlet on

This review was written prior to the sock that shared oxygen saturation was pulled from the market after an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) warning letter. I am going to share a brief review of the current sock, and I will leave the information below intact:

FYI, looking to save $100 — check out the refurbished dream sock {often runs out of stock, so if it’s available grab it!}

Owlet Dream Sock

This new Owlet Dream Sock priced at $299 normally monitors baby’s:

  • Heart rate
  • Average oxygenation
  • # of wakes during the night

It also comes with a “digital sleep coach” if you’re wanting to get baby to sleep better at night.

It comes with

  • The sensor
  • 4 fabric socks to grow with your baby’s foot
  • Wireless charting base station
  • Access to the Owlet dream app

You can also purchase additional larger socks depending on the size of your child’s foot.

It can also be purchased along with the Owlet Dream cam that can also be used in their Owlet app.

How this New Owlet Dream Sock is Different Than the Original

When the original sock came out (I came on as an affiliate early), they were VERY clear to not market it as having anything to do with SID’s or baby’s health and safety.

Over time, that marketing sort of crept into both their affiliate’s and Owlet’s own marketing (although not SAID so, I could see it with how they were marketing it). Until the FDA letter came telling them to stop selling owlet’s smart socks. At that point they pulled the original sock from the market.

In all the marketing I see now, they mostly say this just let’s you know if baby is doing well or needs your help, possibly just to go back to sleep.

As a reminder NO sock can prevent, or stop SIDS.

In my experience I have heard a lot of people having panic attacks when the Owlet had false alarms. That type of anxiety can be hard if it happens repeatedly to a parent.

So, if you are looking for a monitor that just casually checks for baby’s well being to give you a little peace of mind. This could be the best choice for you.

Ok, below this is my previous post where I explain more about it. Hope you find this all helpful. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

Owlet Coupon Code or Promotional Code

Owlet Currently has some refurbished monitors at $100 off the original price on the Owlet website, no discount needed a this time.

Owlet has also has the Owlet Cam!  I have a whole post about the Owlet cam, and how you can buy both for a great price break!

The biggest perk of the Owlet cam is the ability to use just one app for the cam and the sock.  While the camera is nice, if I wasn’t buying the sock — I doubt I’d buy the camera as well.  But, you can read all about it in this post.

Before we get started — hi, I’m Hilary, the curly head behind Pulling Curls. Many people also know me as The Pregnancy Nurse. I’ve been a nurse since 1997 working in various fields including pediatrics and labor and delivery. I am also the creator of The Online Prenatal Class for Couples.

Having a newborn is really similar to a battlefield.  You never know when they’re going to go off, or what they need, or really if you can fix it.  The mounds, and mounds of sleepless nights. Read on to learn more about the owlet monitor, why it might be worth it to you!  Scroll below to find out if there is a special or a limited time offer available. ????

I bet you’re here because you’ve heard about the Owlet sock family of products somewhere else, or perhaps you’re looking for a promo code?  We’re going to talk about savings on it…

But first, is it worth it?  Let’s find out more about the Owlet Monitor (if it’s horrible, no great deals, coupon code or promotional code in the world would make it cheap enough).


Having a newborn baby is tough stuff.

The one thing that really gripped my heart was the worry. The worry that they’d cry in the middle of the night and I’d be so asleep I wouldn’t hear it. Have you had the dream where you had a baby and forgot to feed it and then it shrivels up into a zucchini or something?

Well, I’m always worried I’m doing something wrong or my extreme lack of sleep as a new parent will help me to do something REALLY stupid, and something I’ll really regret (which is why you don’t co-sleep).

I do things like creating a safe sleep environment to help eliminate as many safety concerns as possible, but babies are little helpless beings.  As a reminder, that means baby, on their back on a firm surface with no bumpers, pillows or stuffed animals.

You’ll wake up after 4 hours of AMAZING sleep and your first thought is worry.  Worry if they’re alright.  Not OH MY GOSH THAT SLEEP WAS BLISS.

But new technology from Owlet products can help you sleep a little more worry-free.

The Owlet Baby Monitor.

Is there an Owlet baby monitor Promo or Coupon Code?

The short answer (as of now) is, no.  BUT….

Ways to Save on the Owlet monitor

(not all of these deals run all the time, but I wanted to put the links in — just in case)

  • Sometimes Owlet has Refurbished units — if they are available, you can find them here.
  • You can do a monthly payment schedule.  Just click ORDER NOW and then scroll down for low-cost financing!
  • Owlet has made the choice to no longer offer promotional or discount codes on their monitors, so the only way to get a discount is buying refurbished. If this changes — I will update this post. Sometimes they do offer a “freebie” with purchase (but not fancy enough I’d not buy the monitor when I wanted it).
  • However, I believe the monitor to be well worth it, even without a discount (and I appreciate that they are making the monitor at a good price for everyone, rather than discounting it for just a few).

> Purchase the Owlet monitor HERE <<

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Owlet Refurbished Units

The Owlet refurbished unit is just the same as a the regular Owlet Sock.

  • Each Owlet Refurb goes through a 13-point inspection to make sure it’s the highest quality.
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty (other Owlets have a 1 year warranty)
  • Like ALL Owlet it comes with a 45-day peace of mind guarantee — if, for any reason, you decide it’s not worth it — send it back!

Check out Owlet Refurbished Units (to save BIG)

I have heard of issues with people needing to use the warranty prior to the smart sock 2, but since they released that — I feel like quality has gone up and there are less issues (I’d heard of some issues with the USB ports).

I believe the Owlet Refurb is a great option at an awesome price point.  I’ve also heard of people who have had issues outside the warranty area who have still had help from Owlet.  I think they want really satisfied customers!

How to get a free Owlet Monitor

I have no idea. There are some foundations that do give them out, but, in general, the Owlet will likely be purchased basically at full price. That’s their business model.

Owlet Discount for Nurses

I don’t know if anything like this. Sorry ladies, you do deserve one though. ????

Owlet Monitor Review

But, back to IS IT WORTH IT:

The Owlet uses the same pulse ox technology that we use in the hospital.  It will sense how much oxygen is in their blood, and it will notify if it goes below 80% for a certain period of time.

If the booty fits your baby, it will work.
If the booty fits your baby, it will work. – usually up to about 18 months.

It has a base station that sends you updates (that’s the circle thing), and it can also notify you via your phone!


Here’s my Unboxing Video:

**As a reminder, we have no idea what really causes SIDS and as such, the Owlet can’t prevent something we don’t understand.

BUT, it is designed to:

  • Owlet is designed to notify you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen fall outside the preset zones.
  • Will alert at both the base, and your phone
  • It’s like an extra set of eyes in the nursery allowing you a good night’s rest.

Ok, who am I kidding, but I think you’ll get some peace of mind and hopefully even MORE sleep.  Go to their website, and check it out!

However, I wouldn’t put this as priority #1, if money is tight.  Plenty of babies live without it.  BUT, if you have the cash, I think it can help your worry.

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The Owlet Smart Sock 3rd Generation

I’ve been with Owlet for quite a while at this point. I’ve seen all the versions.

What do I think is better with the 3rd generation?

As far as I can tell it is VERY similar.

But I’ve often had complaints about the components just not last lasting as long as people would prefer (esp the charging area).

So, it sounds like they’ve upgraded that, and also.

Owlet 3rd Generation is Compatible with Snoo

It really sounds like “gentle motion” with something like the Snoo would set it off before, and now it is able to withstand those movements. SO

If you’re looking to use/get a Snoo — it now works with that, which is awesome (because I have to say as a nurse who’s said NOTHING IN THE CRIB for so long, the snoo does make me a little nervous).

Owlet Third Generation Has Wireless Charging

I have herd the charging area has been an issue in the past, so this is a big win!

The Owlet Smart Sock 2

Owlet Connected Care

Tons of new perks on this update:

  • It has a better more, comfortable sock design.
  • 10X extended Bluetooth range so you can the base station in another room.
  • Connected Care (health history and tracking) is available.

Ways to save on the Owlet monitor:

  • You can do a monthly payment schedule.  Just click ORDER NOW for financing for as low as $17/month.
  • They sometimes have in stock refurbished monitors (if they’re in stock, they’ll be on that page).
  • Owlet has made the choice to no longer offer coupon codes or promos on their monitors.  If that changes — I will certainly update this post — promotions will also be shown here (if there are any)

 When you purchase through Pulling Curls, you support our blog to bring more great baby content!

FAQ’s about the Owlet Monitor

How does it work?

Just the same way our oxygen monitors work in the hospital.  A little light senses (through magic, I think) how much oxygen is on each blood cell, and it can also sense heart rate as it sees the blood move through their foot.

Who is the Owlet the most worth it for?

If you find yourself anxious frequently about the well-being of your baby, I think you would find this helpful.  If you’re pretty chill and you feel pretty comfortable about your baby’s safety, I think you could live without it.

I did. ????

Are there coupons for the Owlet monitor anymore?

No, not really.  I have asked and they have said no.  Every now and then you’ll include a swaddle blanket or something with the monitor.  I’m careful to email my list when something like that happens.

However, while that does provide some added value, I don’t think you’ll find a better price (besides their refurb option).

What’s the difference between the refurb and the regular Owlet monitor?

It goes through a 13 point inspection to make sure that it still works.  You get a 45-day guarantee.  SO, if you are planning to purchase a refurb monitor, I might not grab one until closer to your due date.  That way you’d have a good long while to use it and try it out to make sure it works well.

OF course, you can also make sure it works on yourself, or another child if you hold the light points on their foot or hand.

If money isn’t too much of an issue, I’d recommend getting the full unit as it does come with a better warranty.  Anything I’ve ever heard negative about the Owlet is about cords not working or things like that, so I’d prefer a bit more peace of mind.

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This post was originally written in 2015 but has been updated.

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